AAFD Quietly Suspends Cuppy’s Franchisor Accreditation

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Self-Proclaimed Fairness Advocacy Group Quietly Takes its Ball and Goes Home.

What does it take to for a franchisor to lose its “fair franchising” accreditation with the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers (AAFD )*?

Outcries from dozens of franchisees claiming they were defrauded out of their life savings? No, that’s OK….

Allegations that current franchisees were paid to tell prospective franchisees they were happy? No big deal…

What about a public acknowledgement from the company Prez that they violated AAFD standards? No biggie…

How about detailed accounts circumvention of franchise disclosure laws, failure to provide promised services and lawsuits from unpaid vendors? Nobody’s perfect…

What if the franchisor fails to pay the AAFD? An outrage! Grounds for immediate suspension!

* * * * *


It seems that Cuppy’s Coffee & More has now crossed the line and committed the ultimate AAFD sin: not paying the piper.

AAFD President Bob Purvin was a staunch defendant of Morg Morgan’s Cuppy’s Coffee back when the company said it intended to pay the AAFD for putting together and administrating a franchisee association for the scandal-ridden upstart. But new Cuppy’s Coffee owner Dale Nabors has refused to play ball with the AAFD and has, according to Purvin, “gone silent” on them.

So now Bob Purvin has suspended it’s ludicrous and deceptive “contract accreditation.”

Congratulations, Bob, for “getting religion.”

Too bad you waited ’til the good guy took over to get it.

* * * * *

The news came via Janet Sparks on franchise site Blue Mau Mau. Bob Purvin announced the blockbuster news on a conference call with a whopping 3 franchisees in attendance. Writes Sparks:

Last night, the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers made the decision to suspend Cuppy’s Coffee Accreditation status, awarded last year for having franchise agreements that substantially conform to AAFD’s standards. A letter was then sent to CEO and owner Dale Nabors regarding its decision and at 9:30 this morning AAFD chairman Robert Purvin announced their decision on a conference call to franchisees and other interested parties. Originally, the call was to be an exploratory effort in starting a Cuppy’s Chapter of the AAFD. But when the call went public and was posted on Blue MauMau, Purvin had no choice but to open it to others and change the agenda of the meeting. In a fairly accurate count, AAFD said there were approximately thirteen people in attendance, but only the three original Cuppy’s franchisees invited were on the call.

Purvin sent a clear message to all franchisors that you gotta pay to play:

“When Dale Nabors took over the company there were statements that those commitments would still be honored, but they have not followed through,” Purvin said. “When he brought mediation to Nabors, he and the company ignored the engagement of that mediation. The new management declined to advance its promised subsidy of an owners association and for the past six weeks our telephone and email communications have gone unanswered. “Cuppy’s has gone silent on us.”

Seems like more and more are going silent on the AAFD. Any idea why?

* formerly known here as the AAFD&C (American Association of Franchisees, Dealers & Cuppy’s)



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