ACTIONCOACH ML Says Detractors are “Losers”

ACTIONCOACH ML Says Detractors are “Losers” was originally published July 20, 2009 on Unhappy Franchisee and is reprinted here – along with its initial comments – by permission.actioncoach

A commenter who says he is a successful ActionCOACH ML (Master Licensee) claims that the negative Internet comments against the ActionCOACH franchise and ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars are the work of “a few sore losers are trying their best to destroy the good name of Brad Sugars and ActionCoach simply because they were not good enough.”

Commenting on the post ACTIONCOACH, BRAD SUGARS: Overview & Discussion, ML Defense writes:

As a successful ML of ActionCoach, I am disgusted by the negative bitching I see here and on soulcast, let me address some of the issues raised:

MLs are allowed to coach clients and to sign on coaching clients. That is in the agreement. Those that bitch about their MLs stealing clients from them should ask themselves why their own friends choose others over them instead of complaining. We are also allowed and encouraged to work on our own unique positioning, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an ML telling a prospect “I only coach 5 clients per year and I can only reserve a slot for you if you are serious.” Coaches should get a life or leave Action if they do not agree with this. They signed an agreement!

MLs are supposed to sell Coach Licenses for a profit; I don’t know what the coaches here are bitching about. Are we supposed to run charities while coaches make profit? Get real, business is about profit as another ML above noted. If you choose not to do what it takes, don’t blame the ML for misleading you. It is your choice. I sell according to the system and the marketing materials provided to me. The statistics are provided by HQ and I have no reason to doubt their authenticity as I have met Brad, Jodie and the rest; the team is awesome. It is sad a few losers are making so much fuss out of it.

As for MLs having businesses with certain coaches within their territory, there’s no clause in ML or Coach Agreement which says they are not allowed to do that. Those who bitch that an ML will be less partial just because they have business arrangements are simply jealous that they are not given the opportunity to be part of the alliance. Instead of making allegations, they should instead reflect on themselves why they are not included… could it be that they are not good enough to be included?

Coaches are given 12 weeks academy and all kind of support by HQ and they have their Coaches’ Coach yet everyone here point their fingers at their MLs as though MLs are the source of their misery.

It is sad that, as the ML above noted, a few sore losers are trying their best to destroy the good name of Brad Sugars and ActionCoach simply because they were not good enough; and they run MLs who are doing well down as though we are not entitled to do well and make money just because they didn’t make the grade!


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  1. Amazing! on July 21st, 2009 12:39 amFor more views of ActionCoach MLs, read this exchange from soulcast over the past week.These posts reveal much about the kind of MLs recruited by Brad Sugars.




    I normally don’t post online as I’m not real computer savvy, but I just can’t believe what I am reading. I am an ML for ActionCOACH, and I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I’ve gotten great support from global, I see great performance from the coaches and the ActionCOACH systems work great. Plus the businesses our coaches are helping are performing better than ever. I think it’s disgusting that all these people who just couldn’t cut it are on here giving Action a bad name. Despite all the negativity here on soulcast, I have continued to see growth. If all these rumors were true, this company wouldn’t be around. The few coaches that can’t make it fail only because they can’t perform. In the beginning stages, it requires a lot of work and effort to be a coach. I know because I started off as a coach. From my experiences, it’s easy to make it as a coach if you just follow the systems. On top of all that, I think Brad Sugars is a great man. He might seem a little full of himself, but you have to remember that he’s using his own success as a selling point and for motivation for franchisees to generate their own success. You have to consider the fact that Mr. Sugars just won a Stevie award for ActionCOACH being best international business. Please explain how these rumors could be true… And in response to the illegal activities, I know that at one point there was a scandal (as some people have already mentioned in another post on this site) which has long been addressed, and the people involved were sued and fired. Every large company has to worry about people stealing from them. But Action went on and put it behind them. I think that the growth says enough about the company. While every other company is losing money and filing bankruptcy, ActionCOACH continues to grow. And as ActionCOACH grows (with their help), other businesses grow as well.



    Ex Coach


    So ml-who-used-to-be-a-coach, as an ml,

    •How many in your batch remained? Mine, I am the only one, 11 of us, two years later. Many other batches the same.

    •So am I to understand that I am a ‘winner’ and everyone else in my batch are ‘losers’ who didn’t make the cut and didn’t follow the system, based on your logic above? Is that what you are calling your batch mates?

    •Do you tell the absolute truth to all your franchise prospects or do you stretch it or leave out certain info and hope they don’t find out till they are in? Let’s face it, you’ve been around long enough to be able to tell who will not make the cut at the point of selling and can always err on the side of caution. Do you? Doubt it, money speaks, especially frontloaded the way it is.

    •’Great performances’ equals to a coach making barely USD1.2K ranked between 450 to 500 out of supposedly 1000+ coaches? This is the prior to the global ranking info being pulled. This figure is factual which can’t be spinned.

    •’Growing’ means 700+ coaches left in the system as opposed to 1000+ being promoted in the marketing materials? Again, this is factual as of April/May this year, the time they pulled the global ranking info. But then, you already know that, don’t you?

    •People sued and fired? How about the many lawsuits against Action for misrepresentation where Action loses every single case or settle every single case out of court? People you are referring to are NOT coaches. People those posting here are referring to are coaches being oversold.

    Quote facts and figures, don’t spin like a politician.





    You asked me how many were in my batch. I was in training initially with 15 other people. Of those 16 only 2 remained. The two that remained were the only two that followed the systems – myself and one other person.

    Do I tell the truth to prospects? Of course I do. Are you implying that YOU don’t? Most of the people who fail come into the business excited, then when it comes time generate leads, market yourself and sell, they don’t follow the systems. You of all people should know that it’s not easy being a coach. Just like any business, if you sit back and do nothing, your business will fail.

    You said “money speaks” as if you have never tried to make a sale. Its business, and making money is the name of the game.

    The lawsuits you’re referring to were from nuts who either stalked Mr. Sugars or made ridiculous claims against the kind folks at global office.

    Lastly, I think that if you are really an ML as you claim to be, you wouldn’t be on here posting negative comments about Action that would effect your franchise! Surely you’re not that stupid because that would hurt your own sales! So come on and get a life, and stop pretending to be an ML. The fact is that I have been with Action for a long time, and I think it’s a great company, and it was the best investment I’ve ever made. Everyone who says bad things about Action are either lazy and can’t run their own business, or they are jealous of those who can. If you don’t want to purchase a franchise, then don’t. It’s simple, and stop spreading lies and trying to hurt our business.





    So ml-who-used-to-be-a-coach, as an ml,

    Firstly, I never said in the post I was an ML  I was a coach.

    You said “money speaks” as if you have never tried to make a sale. Its business, and making money is the name of the game.

    Yup, that is exactly the attitude I was refering to, Brad would be proud of you, sell and make money, if people don’t make it too bad, screw them. You are doing a fine job of confirming what others said here without any help, keep it up.

    Brad Sugars, the Marketing Team(Lead by Jodie Shaw) and the ML Team are fond of blaming coaches for not playing above the line and not doing what it takes to be successful.

    In actual fact, anyone of them, with a bit of experience and especially those who became MLs after being a coach would be able to tell at the point of selection whether a prospect is going to make it as a coach. They will be LYING if they said they don’t. So the question is: why do they still take them in?

    They should stop living in denial about their own greed and stop using jargons and rhetorics to justify greed.

    If they are reading this, they will know what I am talking about. Stop taking people in, take their money and justify them dropping out after you’ve taken all their money. Action’s team selection process works, I know because when I was a coach, I taught that to my clients. It was the same system that we use for our own recruitment. The only explanation for it not to work for Action is greed.

    Furthermore, we always teach clients the ’stink starts from the top’, fix the business owner and the business fix itself… when it comes to practise however, whithin Action, the fault always lies with coaches no matter how high the turnover is. That is what we call inconsistent and not practising what is preached.

    Do I tell the truth to prospects? Of course I do…. Most of the people who fail come into the business excited, then when it comes time generate leads, market yourself and sell, they don’t follow the systems. You of all people should know that it’s not easy being a coach.

    Really? So you told everyone “it’s not easy being a coach” as you mentioned above? You tell them about the lead generation process and the amount of activity required to get there? If you do, congratulations, you sure are a rare ML in Action and deserve your success. In the territory where I was a coach, I was told the ‘market is ready’, the ‘coaches before you laid great foundation and the market is about to explode’, ‘getting appointments is a piece of cake’… you get the drift.

    Interesting that some if not most of the ‘nuts who stalked Brad Sugars’ mostly win their cases of misrepresentation or settle out of court.

    So earlier you said coaches who fail are losers who don’t follow the system, now they are nuts. At the same time, you admit 14 out of 16 in your batch fail but you cannot see any misrepresentation or overselling, you see them all as losers which in other words, the stink of the organization didn’t start from the top unlike what you coach clients to take ownership. And after admitting that 14 out of 16 are gone, your previous post spin Action as ‘growing’.



  2. ML Defense 2 on July 22nd, 2009 12:03 am[Editor’s note: There is some question as to the authenticity of this apology and retraction. The commenter is invited to contact me at unhappyfranchisee(at) to authenticate]Dear All,

    I would like to apologize for my earlier emotional rantings, I have since seen the errors of my views and would like to retract my statements:

    1. As MLs, we help and support our coaches in getting clients. It is highly unethical for us to attempt to approach our coaches’ prospect list, especially new coaches who depend on us to learn the ropes. I have personally not done so before but I know my fellow MLs are frustrated by all the accusations against them for what we see as a fair business practise.

    2. MLs are supposed to sell licenses for a profit, that part is true as in any business. However, our roles are to tell the truth at all times and ensure potential franchisees make an informed decision. Subsequently upon them signing an agreement, they become our ‘babies’ to nurture and support until they become successful. I apologize if I gave the wrong perception. MLs are not mercenaries.

    3. While our agreements do not bar us from having business alliances with our coaches, I now realize it is very unethical for us to have alliance with coaches in the coaching business as we not only need to act fair but need to be seen to be fair. I will now stop practising joint promotions with coaches unless I can include all coaches in my territory. I also realize it is against our franchise agreement to set up a 3rd party company with coaches to act as a collection firm.

    4. While HQ provide the 12 weeks academy and a lot of support material, coaches’ primary point of contact and support is their ML. I am sorry if I sound like I was trying to avoid my responsibility as an ML to my coaches.

    I hope coaches who are here and on other forums to consider giving us your feedback directly instead of posting on external forums.

    We promise we will listen and act on your feedback from now on.

    Thank you.

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