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Is multilevel marketing giant Amway a scam?amway-logo

Brad doesn’t think so.  on 2009/08/22 at 9:24am Brad wrote:

So many times have we all read posts from those who claim to be CEOs, heads of corporations, multi-millionaires, billionaires, etc. yet can’t get a simple point across or insist on bashing and finger-pointing.

The bottom line is that it is not something for nothing, or pie in the sky, as L-Dub calls it, but the success can be very real if you are willing to put in the work. If you do not like doing some of the things that will help your business grow, such as attending meetings, attending team callings, functions, reading books, listening to the CD’s and things of that nature, I would implore you to ask yourself whether you would prefer to wake up at 6 A.M. every day, sit in bumper to bumper traffic, have to ask your boss for a raise vs. creating one for yourself, work 5 days a week to have 2 off, get 2 weeks of vacation a year…I think you can see where this is going.

It’s a matter of priorities. At first I didn’t see the value in reading books, attending meetings or listening to CD’s, but as I did those things I found myself learning, and growing as a person and developing the skill set I need to lead a large team. As time went on, I found that my upline/crossline beleived in my wife and I even at the times that we didn’t beleive in ourselves…and we are pretty motivated.

However everybody has moments of weakness at times. I look forward to doing the things that the PROVEN team teaches me so that I may look forward to a lifetime of success. Also, for those that are on here to find answers to questions and gain some clarity…meetings, books, CD’s, functions….they are all optional.

Amway distributors are self-employed and may operate their business how they see fit. If you do find benefit in such things, the cost is negligible. The books are common books that you can buy at any bookstore for $10-15 a piece. The CD’s are $7.50 a piece. The weekly meetings are $4 for admission, and that is simply to cover the cost of renting the building, not to turn a profit. We aren’t talking about high dollar acquisitions here, and the value of the knowledge that you gain from that $10 book will far surpass what you paid for it.

Does it cost money to start up your business? Yes…my initial investment was appx. $175, and there is a $50 annual renewal fee. You may liken that to annual dues that warehouse club-type stores charge for the “privelige” of shopping with them.

Are the products overpriced? Not hardly. Popular energy drinks that stores sell cost around $2.25 per can. Amway’s brand costs $1.85. Amway’s laundry soap costs less on a cost-per-use basis than the major brand most people use, and outperforms it to boot.

In closing, I would like to say that I paid $300 for an Xbox 360 and I’m pretty sure that when I beat the final boss on Rainbow Six Vegas that the console won’t spit out $75,000. My $175 initial investment for an Amway IBOship however? Well, not yet, but the potential is there at least. And that’s more than most people can say for what they are doing.

Jeffrey Feldman has a different take on the Amway MLM opportunity. At 2009/08/25 at 1:19am,  Jeffrey wrote:

Amway was a mixed bag for me. I lost money buying lots of overpriced products and marketing materials. I do believe some products they have are exceptional – like SA-8. Problems is that it is WAY more expensive. I cant see spending 7 dollars on toothpaste when I get get one that will do a satisfactory job at Walgreens for one dollar.

I beleive many in my former upline were making their money buy selling books, tapes, and seminars. And thats ok to a point because it really did help me – but really made me go broke too fast.

I am glad I found something else. Best wishes for those that stay with it.



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