Anthony Reza Solhi: “I am not a crook!”

Franchise scam watchers and alleged victims alike know the name Anthony Reza Solhi all too well.

unhappybutt100According to the Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim? blog post on Unhappy Franchisee, Canada’s Anthony Reza Solhi is regarded by many to be a predatory con man who preyed on the hopes and dreams of recent immigrants, drove a Porsche and bought a mansion with an indoor pool with their life savings.

(FranchisePick.Com previously reported on Solhi with two posts, The Latest U.S. Import: Franchise Fraud, & Another Pizza Franchise Scam Victim comes Forward.)

But now Anthony Reza Solhi is fighting back.  Solhi has launched an aggressive blogging campaign to tell his side of the story:  That he is himself a victim of a predatory news media and misguided, unscrupulous franchisees.

Could it be that the much-maligned Solhi is the unfair victim of an orchestrated smear campaign?  Or is he laying the PR groundwork for his next big venture?

Read the story here:  Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim?


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