Halloween Promotions: Scare up Some Funds for a Good Cause

It’s called "Cause Marketing," and it’s a great way to truly "do well by doing good."
Create a regular event or promotion that benefits a worthy cause, and run it on a regular basis.  Do it right, and your investment will provide attractive returns in the form of great publicity, brand-building, goodwill, customer and employee loyalty, […]

7-Eleven Franchisees Get Press from Presidential Poll PR Ploy

For the third election in a row, 7-Eleven creates some creative election-time publicity buzz with its caffeinated in-store campaign poll.
Here’s one of the press releases they circulated with the publicity photo at left.
Presidential Perks: Americans Raise Their Cups to Candidates in Third 7-Election Coffee Cup Poll
DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As election day nears, things are really heating […]

Blog Marketing Tip: Wordless Wednesday

(Relentless Marketer)  Here’s a quick, easy, steady, effective and FREE way to build your blog traffic. Each Tuesday & Wednesday about 500 bloggers gather at WordlessWednesday.com to post links to their photo-only posts.  Join the Wordless Wednesday gang and you build traffic in 4 ways: 1)  Increase […]



Cute McDonald’s Olympics Sponsorship Commercial Beijing 2008

I believe this is a McDonalds China TV commercial for teaching the gestures of Beijing Olympic Cheering Children election applicants in China.
Be forewarned: This commercial contains potentially toxic levels of cuteness.

Tags: Mcdonalds advertising commercials tv China Beijing Olympic
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McDonald’s Beijing Olympics Commercials: Martial Arts McNuggets

(FranchisePick.Com) This over-the-top Beijing 2008 Olympics tagged McDonald’s commercial pits two Chinese children in a martial arts battle over the last remaining McNugget. (In America, there would just be a lot of hair pulling and punching in the back seat.) But the question remains: Do they really eat McDonald’s with chopsticks […]

Franchise Marketing: Success Secrets of a Sir Speedy Franchisee

Source: Palm Beach Post Sunday, July 27, 2008
In her article Tequesta business owner brings in the bucks for Sir Speedy, Staff Writer Alexandra Clough reveals some of the secrets to quick printing success of Tequesta, FL Sir Speedy franchise owner Richard Goldberg. Goldberg recently won the Sir Speedy Century Club […]

Vista Lodge Franchisee Converts & Redeems Failing Franchise

Source: Galesburg Register-Mail
Congratulations to Vista Lodge franchisees Raj and Pina Kshirsagar who have won another award for their inspiring turnaround of a troubled motel property, and successful conversionto a Vista Lodge.
Here are some excerpts from a recent story on them in their local paper:
Raj Kshirsagar and his wife, Pina, believe hard work is the fuel […]

A-Maizing Marketing Idea… From McDonald’s

In a recent post on BrandCurve, Susan Gunelius wrote:
How to you convince people from middle-America to visit their local McDonald’s for a latte? Build a giant cornfield maze in Nebraska!
This campaign is meant to create a buzz about McDonald’s new McCafe brand (the copy says, “Taste what the buzz is about”). According to […]

Vehicle Wrap Pays Off for Sex Shop Franchise

One redeeming feature of using a catchy vehicle wrap to promote your retail location: You don’t have to drive it (or burn gas) to get attention.  Adam & Eve franchise stores benefit from having a 3 dimensional billboard with 360 degree (almost) visibility 24/7.  Plus, they can drive it to pick up inventory whenever […]