BARBIZON: Dateline NBC’s Scathing Expose

Dateline NBC aired a scathing undercover report on Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers and paid modeling talent showcases like the IMTA’s New York convention. barbizon

View Matt Lauer’s interview with Chris Hanson, which includes excerpts from the Dateline NBC report, complete with undercover camera footage.

The show features an interview with a father who spent more than $30,000 with Barbizon and the International Modeling & Talent Association, which holds a convention that helps young would-be models, actors, and actresses become discovered by top talent scouts.

The father recounts how he was paid Barbizon more than $3000 per girl for modeling lessons, $4700 per girl for them to attend the “exclusive” IMTA convention, and $2800 for his wife to accompany them to New York (among other expenses).   Throughout the process, Barbizon allegedly pumped up the egos and hopes of the children and parents with fake praise and the promise of lucrative modeling, recording and acting contracts.

The most interesting – and damning – parts of the Dateline NBC report are the undercover segments featuring their planted participant being praised for her mediocre (at best) performance, and the Barbizon employee explaining how they accept and advance everyone, no matter how little potential, as long as they pay.

The head of the Elite modeling agency emphasizes that legitimate agencies do not charge or require a fee to review potential models.  In fact, all one has to do is email them pictures to be reviewed.  And they won’t charge them a cent;  but of course they won’t tell children or their parents what they want to hear.


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