BECOMING MOM Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Centre

Becoming Mom provides unique imaging and spa services for expectant moms…

I have launched an initiative called Top New Franchises with the purpose of finding innovative new and emerging franchise and business opportunities, and giving the founders a chance to tell the world about their businesses in their own words.  Check out the intriguing opportunities I’ve been discovering at the topnewfranbutTop New Franchises website.

A few Top New Franchise opportunities aren’t franchises at all, but are more loosely structured “licensing” opportunities – an approach that generally requires lower fees and fewer restrictions, but also provides fewer services.  The Becoming Mom Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Centre concept is one such example.

Becoming Mom centers specialize in meeting the unique needs of expectant moms… from performing prenatal ultrasounds using the latest 4D technology and providing pictures, videos of the ultrasound sessions to providing a range of therapeutic massage and spa services and products.

dawnTop New Franchises had a chance to learn more from Becoming Moms founder Dawn Bierschwal.

Learn more at our Becoming Mom listing. Share a comment on the Becoming Mom FanWall.

Top New Franchises: How did the Becoming Mom concept start? What need did it fill?

Dawn Bierschwal: I worked at Procter & Gamble for 19 years. During that time I acquired a wide pregnant-woman-200variety of business skills and worked with incredibly brilliant people, but I always knew I wanted to own my own business… ideally in the service industry.

One day, I read an article about elective ultrasounds and I was fascinated by the potential of that concept. Every pregnant woman I had known wished they could have another ultrasound, but there was no place for them to go.

I knew there was an unmet need that was screaming to be filled and I knew that if there was this one unmet need for pregnant women, there were probably more…

Top New Franchises: What is the difference between the experience at Becoming Mom rather what a pregnant couple would receive at their doctor’s office?

Dawn Bierschwal: An ultrasound in a doctor’s office can be a cold, sterile experienced where mom is rushed and only allowed one guest.

And, it makes sense. The doctor’s office is the place where the Sonographer needs to ensure that the baby is developing appropriately and he/she needs to concentrate on accuracy. Having a gaggle of family members asking questions can be distracting. Also, insurance only pays the doctor so much to complete the scan, so he/she can’t afford to provide extra time for the family to enjoy the experience.

ultrasoundAt Becoming Mom, we do a limited diagnostic scan, but beyond that we are focused on creating an enjoyable and memorable bonding experience for the whole family.

Many businesses focus on babies, but how many cater to the expectant mom and her unique needs during this special time in her life? How many focus on making the journey of pregnancy an enjoyable and comfortable experience?  That’s what a Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Centre is all about. (Continue reading)

Read the entire Becoming Mom interview at TopNewFranchises.Com

images:  Becoming Mom

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