Berlitz Franchise Opportunity Brochure

Berlitz Franchise Opportunity Brochure

Format: PDF
Pages: 12
Audience: International
Excerpt: “Since Maximilian D. Berlitz founded the company in 1878 Berlitz International, Inc. has become the world’s premier language services company. At more than 500 Berlitz language centers in over 60 countries around the world – both
corporate and franchised locations – we serve clients with our expertise in language training and cultural consulting.

“Confidence is our goal for our clients: for them to build their confidence in using their language skills in a variety of settings and in functioning in a new cultural environment – and with these abilities to achieve their own professional and social goals.

“With worldwide headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, Berlitz continues to expand both in countries where we have been for more than 100 years and in completely new markets.

“The launch of Berlitz Franchising Corporation activities in 1996 has brought our name and services to over 75 new locations on five continents. Functioning as integral members of the Berlitz global network, franchises share the same Berlitz standards and approaches. These elements have created millions of successful Berlitz students over nearly 130 years.

Berlitz has been a member of the Benesse Corporation of Japan since 1993. “Benesse” means living life to the fullest (from bene = good/well and esse = life/living). This philosophy harmonizes perfectly with our business and training goals for the student experience at Berlitz.”

“Owning a Berlitz franchise just may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. And, as a member of the Berlitz franchise community, you will be encouraged to participate actively in the exchange of ideas and best practices.
“So now that you know something about us, why not investigate the possibilities further?
“We urge you to read the accompanying inserts for more information and then fill out an application form.
“We’re confident you’ll like what you hear. At Berlitz, opportunity is knocking…
“Maybe it’s time to open the door.”

Download the Berlitz franchise brochure here.