Blogger Sean Kelly Moves to FranBest.Com was launched in November, 2006, as one of original blogs in the newly-formed b5 media business channel (later renamed  I was one of the original b5 Business Channel bloggers, the only one of the 16 to be active on the bizzia channel up until today.

Since that time, I have published 1011 blog posts that generated 12,752 comments, often on controversial franchise topics and companies.

Sean Kelly's now blogging at

Sean Kelly's now blogging at

I recently received notice from b5 that, after tomorrow, Franchise Pick will no longer be published as a stand-alone blog, and that the Bizzia channel is being assimilated into the channel. 

So far, I have been unable to reach anyone to ask them to reconsider or work out an arrangement that would allow me to maintain Franchise Pick.

So, after tomorrow, I will be blogging on franchise topics and companies on my blog,

Please come visit me there, subscribe to my feed, sign up for my newsletter.Best New Franchises

I will also be blogging at the other sites in the network, including,,, &

It’s been a great 3 years at Franchise Pick, but I guess it’s time to move on to a new venue.  Unhappy Franchisee

Let’s keep the conversation going at, and



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