Burger King Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp Commercial 2008: “Make Out Point”

(FranchisePick.Com)  The cute Chik-fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign was based on the premise that cows would want you NOT to eat them, and would campaign for the demise of their barnyard rivals to save their own hide.  It had kind of an eerie and brilliant logic;  You actually didn’t mind eating them in the end since they were so despicable as to volunteer their comrades for the slaughterhouse.

The new Burger King commercial “Make Out Point” has a stranger, perhaps more disturbingly twisted logic.  Its premise is that a nebbish man, with a 1990s era Country Squire station wagon and matching glasses, is cheating on his girlfriend by eating the flesh of both chicken and pig in the form of the New Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp sandwich.  The jealous girlfriend Queenie (a real heifer) happens upon his fast food indiscretion while he’s parked at “Make Out Point” and proceeds to, we must assume, send him careening off a cliff Country Squire, glasses, Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp and all.

I hope that this commercial turns into a series of commercials – and perhaps even a series (like the Geico Cavemen!) – so that I can come to understand the complex relationship between man and cow, and the reason Queenie only allows ingestion of the flesh of her own species.

Despite the disturbing plot, it did make me curiously hungry for for a Burger King Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp sandwich.  And nostalgic for my old Country Squire.
Commercial credits:
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Executive Creative Director: Rob Reilly
Creative Directors: Bill Wright, James Dawson-Hollis
Senior Art Directors: Lynn Born, David DeRoma
Copywriter: Michael Danko
Executive Producer: Matt Bonin
Integrated Producer: Amy Bonin
Production Company: Smuggler, New York/LA
Director: Happy / Guy Shelmerdine
DP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody
Editor: Chan Hatcher @ NumberSix



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