BURGER KING: SNL Whopper Virgin Parody

Burger King has done it again… earned a spoof by Saturday Night Live.  This time it’s a parody of the bizarre Whopper Virgin ad campaign.  Take a look:

The tradition of SNL spoofing bad Burger King campaigns goes back at least as far as “Where’s Herb?”

This time Neil Patrick Harris plays a spokesman for Burger King who asks residents from Budesti, Romania who’ve never tasted a Whopper or Big Mac, which one of the tasty burgers they like best. One man protests that he’s rather bring them back to his village and feed the villagers for a month. A woman confesses that she is not, in fact, a virgin… and it’s her uncle’s fault.  Another man appears to be the village idiot.

Is it really possible that there’s a village that does not yet have a McDonald’s or Burger King?  C’mon guys… let’s get cracking!



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