CARL’S JR: Top 10 Tributes to John the Toilet

It’s been a rough week, so let’s flush our cares away with some lowbrow potty humor, shall we?

After all, that’s what the Carl’s Jr. marketing folks did after a customer’s legally registered handgun accidentally discharged and destroyed their restroom’s toilet in a Utah local Carl’s Jr.  (Read CARL’S JR.: Toilet Killed in Shooting, Memorial Service Set)

The crew’s decision to announce a mock memorial service for their fallen comrade John turned the near tragedy into a few newspaper stories and some online traffic to the Carl’s Jr. FaceBook and Twitter pages.

Carl’s Jr. marketers kept their joke running with a low-key attitude and participatory spirit.  Online commenters had fun adding their mini-eulogies and tributes to Facebook and news stories. Here are FranchisePick’s choices for

TOP 10 Tributes to John the Toilet:

#10   “… he always was a crappy shot.”  Tom

#9  “RIP Carl’s Jr. toilet. I’m sure you were missed – frequently.”  Peter

#8  “”D*mn those accidental discharges… they’ll get you in the end.”  shawn

#7  “I did that to a toilet once. I do not own a handgun.”  Peter

#6  “That gives new definition to being shot in the head,” Deseret reader

#5  “Incredibly moving.”  Dave

#4  “…at Carl’s Jr. Mr. Whipple should say “Please don’t squeeze the trigger”.  K Barton

#3  “I know he hated to  leave his customers behind”  Sean

#2  “Fallen in the line of dooty…”  Melissa

And the #1 Top Tribute to John the Toilet is…

#1  “R.I. Pee” Danielle

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