COLD STONE CREAMERY: Ex-Franchisee’s Scathing Indictment

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this “golden child” of the ice cream industry continues to go undetected in their ruthless business practices, their flawed business model and their total disregard for the profitability of the franchisee.

If you are thinking about buying a [Cold Stone Creamery] franchise – DON’T DO IT!!!

J.B. Montgomery, ex-franchisee, from his Cold Stone Creamery complaint at Unhappy Franchisee


Over at Unhappy Franchisee, a reader named J.B. Montgomery has left a scathing indictment against Cold Stone Creamery and Kahala Corp., alleging that he is an ex-franchisee victimized by franchisor “churning.”


In franchising, the term “churning” refers to the practice of reselling the same failed franchise or territory over and over for profit. It’s about as serious an allegation against a franchisor that can be made.

J.B. Montgomery alleges that he tried to sell his Cold Stone Creamery franchise, but each time he found a qualified buyer Cold Stone Creamery execs would find an excuse not to approve them. When Montgomery was finally forced to close his doors, it took Cold Stone less than two weeks to resell his failed store for a $42,000 profit.



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