Cold Stone Creamery: The Dissed’n Franchised

(FranchiseeMarketing.Com) Here’s a story about how disgruntled franchise owners are taking their grievances online; in this case a Cold Stone Creamery franchisee.

933042895_dc8636ef50 (FranchisePick.Com) In franchising, the Internet has changed everything. It used to be that angry franchise owners just went away quietly. Even those who sued the franchisor did not get the added leverage of press coverage.

But franchisors beware; these days vengeful franchisees spread the word across the Internet… which also happens to be where franchise buyers are doing their research.

The Dissed ‘n Franchised don’t need much of an opening to blast out their message. NJ Star Ledger’s sports writer Dan Graziano casually mentioned in his blog that while visiting the Yankees Spring Training Camp, there was a Cold Stone Creamery next to his hotel. That was all that was needed for frosted ex-Cold Stone Creamery franchise owner Cecil Rolle to leave this icy comment:


Cold Stone Creamery Franchise: Hell Hath no Fury Like a Franchisee Scorned


Photo credit: yanec Licensed under Creative Commons

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