CUPPY’S COFFEE: Moving to Sweet Home Alabama


The embattled and controversial Cuppy’s Coffee franchise headquarters will be relocated from Fort Walton Beach, FL 350 miles north to Muscle Shoals, AL, home of its new parent company, FranSynergy.

The remaining staff of the Cuppy’s Coffee home office received the news in a letter from Dale “Believe & Succeed” Nabors who wrote:

“You may have heard we’ve been cleaning house;  now we’re moving the house.  After three months of evaluation, the Cuppy’s management team and I have determined that it is in the best interest, for the future success of our franchisees and the company, to relocate the corporate offices to Muscle Shoals, AL effective September 1.”

“Muscle Shoals is centrally located and it will serve to reduce operating costs and provide an abundant pool of resources and employees within the franchising industry.”

“Several of our current team members will be relocating and others will be assisting in the transition…”

“In closing, I’d like to reiterate my commitment, as well as the commitment  of everyone at the home office, to helping you achieve a very bright and profitable future as a Cuppy’s franchisee.  Believe & Succeed,  Dale Nabors.”

Maybe some of our readers and Cuppy-philes can clear up a few questions:

–  How does the now-unemployed  staff members feel about their role in the “house cleaning”?

–  “Muscle Shoals is centrally located…” to what?  (One reader at Blue Mau Mau suggested the “National Possum-Stuffing Museum)

–  Is it really sincere to reiterate”the commitment  of everyone at the home office, to helping you achieve a very bright and profitable future” when only “several” of them will still be there in a month?

– What does this mean to the “depositer-franchisees” still owed money by Cuppy’s, Elite, and the sincere Dale Nabors?  Well, one attorney and Cuppy’s-watcher emailed these thoughts:

If any of these folks are serious, they need to press this matter in litigation now. If assets are stripped, it will be much more costly to litigate this matter later… they would likely need to bring suit in Florida. If Nabors changes the state of incorporation to Alabama, I suspect these folks may have a harder time litigating in Alabama… certainly it will cut down on the number of prospective lawyers, since fewer are admitted to practice in Alabama and know Alabama law. Even with a federal court claim, many aspects are covered by state law.



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