CUPPY’S COFFEE SEASON PREMIERE: King Morg is Returning! I’m in Disbeglief!

RRcuppys200 (Franchise Pick) If you have not been following the Cuppy’s Coffee saga, my apologies for not including a summary*. 

I am just too overcome with a powerful emotional cocktail of glee and disbelief

Let’s just call it disbeglief.

This very day I have coined this new word (disbeglief) in honor of the great one:  Robert “Morg” Morgan.

Yes, the man who masterminded the cloud factory that is Cuppy’s Coffee – the visionary leader who recruited 300 franchise investors (or more!) to deploy their bank accounts for the great cause of Drive-Thru Caffeination – is returning to lead his people out of darkness, disappointment and despair! 

The dream of free daycare is not, alas, dead!

In our darkest hour, word of salvation miraculously appeared like franchise stigmata in the comment section of Unhappy

According to Cuppy’s Coffee franchisee and true believer Nick Sayin:

The rumor is true. Morg and Brian are in AL to take the company back from Dale.

Yes, Morg has made many mistakes and one of them was selling the company to Dale. Dale convinced him he could turn the company around in six months, but instead he ran it into the ground. We have all lost a lot of money since Dale took over the company.

Morg may not have been the best finanacial manager, but at least stores were opening, vendors were being paid, and liens were not being put on our shops. I had many issues with Brian during Dale’s tenure, but realize now the issues were due to Dale tying his hands.

Dale potrayed Morg and especially Brian as the bad guys, he told us many stories about them which are NOT remotely true. They are trying to salvage the company and start helping the franchisees.

The only reason they are trying to take back Cuppy’s/Elite is to help people, not to sell the company’s assets and flee to Mexico. Brian has been helping us to get our store open; with the funds we have left, we could not do this without his help.

At least there are a few good people out there to help us. It seems to me that Morg’s biggest failing is that he wanted to provide the best working environment he could for his staff, as well as helping the franchisees, and didn’t know how to balance this out.

Two weeks ago, I drove 13 hrs to confront Dale after Eden pulled out of my store and spent 11 hrs with him the very next day. Result – he cried about not having any money. Where is the money that we have all forked over since Dale took control? I wired Dale $78,850 on August 7th and many other franchisees sent him money as well. He hasn’t opened one store, is not paying the vendors, he’s not even paying his employees!!

Morg and Brian have been trying to figure out since Monday where the money is or went.

Hopefully they will be able to salvage the company.

It’s time for an Irish Coffee… with extra Irish! 

Let us raise our cuppies high and toast the man whose only fault (indeed) was caring too much.



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