CUPPY’S Founder Morg Morgan Fires Back

After three years under fire on,, and other blogs, the much-maligned Morg is speaking out and telling his side of the story for the first time.

Links to the many posts on Cuppy’s Coffee and interviews with Cuppy’s Coffee victims are posted rawman-walkinghere:  Cuppy’s Coffee

Morg’s unedited post telling his side of the story is here:  CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan’s “My Thoughts About The American Dream”

Robert “Morg” Morgan, the founder and previous owner of the controversial Cuppy’s Coffee and related controversial entities (Medina Enterprises, Elite Manufacturing, etc.)  recently resurfaced as raw food guru “Bobby” Morgan, the “Rawman Walking.”  Rawman Walking publishes two blogs in connection with his raw food seminar business and retreat:  Living Raw & Free and The Sanctuary.  He also publishes on Twitter as @RawmanWalking and has built up 5000+ followers in 2 months.

Upon learning this, published two posts.  The first was to alert victims of Cuppy’s Coffee about the current activities of Robert “Morg” Morgan (CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan is Now “Bobby The Rawman Walking”). The other was to inform potential investors of Rawman Walking about his previous investment opportunities (Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan).

Within hours of the last post being published, Rawman Walking Morg Morgan posted “My Thoughts About The American Dream” on his Living Raw and Free Blog. 

After blaming this author and the blog for the demise of Cuppy’s Coffee , Rawman Walking Morg Morgan deleted the post the following day.

However, Morg’s blog post is reprinted on, verbatim and in its entirety, here:

CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan’s “My Thoughts About The American Dream”

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