CURVES: Strange But True Fitness Tales

curvesign201fbSometimes the experience of owning a franchise doesn’t exactly match what’s shown on the franchise sales video.

Be forewarned that whenever you own a business that deals with the public it’s only a matter of time before you enter BizarroWorld.

On Unhappy Franchisee recently, a customer accused Curves franchisee Robert Lay of calling “YELLING at a visiting member calling her a f***ing b. She had to have been 55-60!.”

Robert Lay responded with his side of the story, and his encounter with the visiting snakelady:

…she says we were rude to a member by calling her a f+++B.

Well she is correct on that but she forgot to mention that the lady in question was a traveling member who had been told 2 months before that she was barred from our facility. The reason she was barred was because she refused to use the equipment correctly after repeatedly being warned by myself and other trainers. She also did a weird exercise on the floor like a snake near the bathroom each time she came in.

We had informed her she could not user the club but continued to sneak in and on that particular Saturday I just happened to be there. I let her work out but told her before she left she was to stop at the front desk when she was done. She became verbally abusive to me and was told to leave.

She refused to leave and I got up from behind the desk and went to physically throw her out. As she ran for the door she called me a pr++k and I responded by calling her a f++++++ B and that if she ever came back into our club I would have her arrested. 

There were no members in the club at that time but I do have a witness to the whole incident who gave his account to the police which I called. if she had stuck around she would have been arrested. So dear member who didn’t have the guts to leave her name maybe you had better get the facts straight before you post such slanderous posts.

Who knew running a Curves club could be so exciting?

Guest couldn’t help but using the story to take a swipe at Curves founder Howard Heavin:

“She also did a weird exercise on the floor like a snake near the bathroom each time she came in.”

I believe that exercise is called the “Howie Heavin” ;)

On a sad note, it looks like Robert Lay is going to be closing his Las Vegas Curves franchise this month.  Read his story unhappybutt100and 200+ comments on the post CURVES: Robert Lay’s Story.



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