DENNY’S: The Internet’s aTwitter About Grand Slam Breakfasts

I’ve been sucked into the vortex of an amazing social medium aptly named Twitter.  Twitter, in short, is an online, global conversation that consists of a constant stream of 140 character messages called Tweets (You can see our current Tweets at @FranchisePick ).  You can “follow” specific Twitter contributors, they can “follow” you, or you can search for a topic and see what the masses are saying about it in real time.

A hot topic today is the Denny’s Free Grand Slam Breakfast promotion.  Twitter provides companies and consumers alike with a free focus group that is not shy about letting their opinions be known.  Here is a snapshot of the some random Tweets recently dennystwitterstreaming in about the bold Denny’s promotion:


“We’re off to enjoy our free breakfast. 🙂 Tweet ya later!”

“Just beat the huddled masses to get a seat at dennys. I win.”

“Free is a beautiful thing. Especially when dennys is involved.”

“Wow..Dennys is so busy we got paired to sit with an 80 yr old couple..should be an interesting lunch”

“Free grand slam at dennys today. Which further proves my theory that free stuff is awesome”

“finished eating his free Grand Slam at Dennys and is now going to try to order another one =)”

“Who wouldve thought so many people want free Dennys?”

“five guys for lunch, oh yeah! dennys line was WAY too long.”

“@NOTW88 looks like all the world is at dennys today”

“We went to Dennys Fontana, Rancho & Ontario. saw lines. Said nope. Had breaky at IHOP. Endless fluffy pancakes.”

“Dennys is doing their own stimulus package of free breakfast. Also I just got a chuck-e-cheese offer for free stuff too”

“Free dennys until two! I had mine already! Now in gay ass class. haha”

“Taco Bell was emtpy… I wonder if everyone was at Dennys”

“@jasonavp there was like a 60+ ppl wait here for dennys i was like pshhh yeahhhh righhht”

“wondering if the marketing dude(s) who thought up the free breakfast deal at Dennys get fired (or promoted)”

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