Do CURVES Franchisees Struggle Alone?

The most oft-repeated cliche in franchise marketing materials is that when you buy a franchise you are in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.  And that is the way it should be.curvesign201fb

Two important ways franchisees expect their franchisors to be there for them are:

1) that the franchisor will police the franchise system to ensure that the systemwide brand image is being upheld by their fellow franchisees, and

2) that the franchisor will be concerned for their success and will lend extra assistance to struggling or failing franchises.

An Unhappy Franchisee post today, titled CURVES: In Oregon, Curves Franchises Die Alone, tells of a financially troubled Oregon franchisee couple whose house has been foreclosed upon and whose three clubs are exhibiting serious warning signs, including erratic hours, operational problems and numerous member complaints.

In a local newspaper story on the Curves problems, the other Curves franchisees in the area express concern that the struggling clubs could damage the reputation of their businesses.  Some of the allegations are serious, including overbilling members and having a “hostile” environment.

Read the reaction of Curves spokeswoman Becky Thrusher on CURVES: In Oregon, Curves Franchises Die Alone.  Is it me, or does this franchisor seem content to let these infractions go unhappybutt100unaddressed, to let this franchisee’s clubs fail without intervention or help, and to only get involved after they are “notified” that the clubs have closed?

Am I alone in my worry that, in this case, Curves franchisees are in business BY themselves?



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