Franchise Marketing: Success Secrets of a Sir Speedy Franchisee

Source: Palm Beach Post Sunday, July 27, 2008

In her article Tequesta business owner brings in the bucks for Sir Speedy, Staff Writer Alexandra Clough reveals some of the secrets to quick printing success of Tequesta, FL Sir Speedy franchise owner Richard Goldberg. Goldberg recently won the Sir Speedy Century Club award, for the fifth year in a row. The award recognizes the 100 highest-grossing franchises in the company’s worldwide network of 800 print shops. The elite Century Club award is based on 2007 revenues.


Here are some excerpts containing ideas from which you can steal , borrow learn:“Goldberg says he tries to do is serve as more than just a vendor slapping ink on paper. Goldberg often takes it upon himself to act as a business consultant and a marketing executive for his customers… the extra time he spends talking about a business’ goals…will come back tenfold as the business grows - and needs more printing services.”

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“…Goldberg says he doesn’t advertise himself.

“One hundred percent of my business is referrals,” he said. “When customers come in here, for the most part, they know what they’re in for.”

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“So when a customer comes in wanting a brochure, Goldberg veers the conversation in a different direction.”Let’s talk about your business,” he says he’ll ask. “What’s your budget? What’s your competition? Do you want to be at the high end or the low end of the market?”

“If I can get them to make money, that’s when I make money,” he said. “Many of Goldberg’s customers, from Stuart down to Palm Beach Gardens, are small to mid-sized businesses that can’t afford a marketing or ad agency. No problem. Goldberg says he freely hands out extra advice that he thinks will help grow his customers’ business...

What do customers say about Goldberg’s approach?

Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce executive director Jennifer Ferarri:

“‘If I’m doing a fund raiser, I can call him and within seconds he’ll give me five brilliant ideas that are so creative,” said . For instance, last year’s chamber event, the Hobe Sound Hoe-Down, was enhanced by Goldberg’s suggestion that the chamber create “Wanted” posters for the event.’”

Another idea: Creating a raffle ticket as part of the event’s invitation. That way, even people who could not attend the event still were able to contribute money, she said.

Rob Kairalla, founder of JIC Realty:

Goldberg is “more of a business partner than a printer.”

“‘It’s almost like he has an investment in our success… He’s smart. He knows the more we do, the more we’re going to use him.”

Franchisees: Goldberg is successful by using the Karma principal: Help others succeed and that success will be returned to you.

What do you think? How do you add consultative value to your clients? How does it pay off for you?

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