Franchisee Choked his Chicken Partner

In a tale of passion, poultry, and murder, Gerardus Heijne is being tried for choking his chicken franchise partner.

lenards1In a high profile Australian murder trial,  Gerardus Heijne, 45, is on trial accused of murdering Frank Cianciosi, 51, at the couple’s luxury East Perth penthouse last year. The two had been together for 25 years and were the master franchisees of the Lenard’s chicken chain.

Last week a work colleague, Jason Mitchell, testified that the day after the alleged murder Mr Heijne had remorsefully told him that he was responsible for the strangling of Mr. Cianciosi, and had re-enacted the killing for him.

According to news reports, prosecutors contend that “Mr Heijne committed the murder because he was obsessed with a 19-year-old man and Mr. Cianciosi was an obstacle to the life he wanted.”

According to the Lenard’s website, “Lenard’s is a multi-award winning company, considered to be one of Australia’s leading fresh food retailers and a pioneer in the kitchen-ready meal market…. [with] 180 stores throughout Australia. The majority of these stores are owned and operated by independent Franchise Owners.”

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