Geeks On Call (GOCHE) Troubles Deepen

The Unhappy Franchisee post GEEKS ON CALL: System Crashing? Can They Reboot? reports more bad news for the once-promising now-troubled computer support franchise Geeks on Call.1-800-905_Geek

Geeks on Call Board Member Douglas Glenn Resigned

Unhappy Franchisee reports that According to an 8K Report filed by Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc.(GOCHE) “On August 4, 2009 The Company received from Douglas Glenn his formal resignation from the Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors.”  Glenn also served as General Counsel and Secretary of Geeks on Call America, Inc., which he helped form in 1999.

Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc. (GOCHE) Could be Delisted

On July 15, 2009, CEO Richard T. Cole filed a Notification of Late Filing for Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc. (GOCHE), stating that “The Company has experienced delays in completing its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended May 31, 2009 due to reductions in staff in connection with cost-cutting measures… The Company intends to file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q as soon as practicable but no later than the expiration of the prescribed 5 calendar day period after July 15, 2009.”

According to the Unhappy Franchisee story, it appears that Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc. (GOCHE) has not yet filed the Quarterly Report as required and is in danger of being delisted.  GOCHE stock is currently valued at .028 cents per share.

Another Lawsuit for Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc.

Yesterday on Franchise Pick, commenter GOCHE Stockholder wrote:

After a couple members of the board for Geeks on Call Holdings (GOCH) resigned we checked to find that GOCH (stock symbol GOCHE) has not filed their quarterly reports with the SEC and could be delisted any day as more than 30 days has past since what appears to be the required filing date.

When we looked a bit deeper we found that it appears that Geeks on Call America is being sued my their landlord in Norfolk, VA who is asking for immediate possession of the full floor of office space. The case has been continued to its 3rd and possibly last date.

How will Geeks on Call America run a national call center without offices? Will they file reports in time or be removed from the stock exchange and will millions be wasted going public? Stockholders of Geeks on Call Holdings want to know.

Weekly Blog Updates Have Ceased

The Geeks on Call blog’s weekly updates haven’t been updated since July 16, 2009:  Geeks on Call blog.

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