Häagen-Dazs Responds To Ben & Jerry’s Email


Last week we posted the snarky email message from Ben & Jerry’s making fun of rival Häagen-Dazs’ supposed redefining the pint as 14 oz. rather than 16 oz.

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Being openly criticized on the immeasurably powerful FranchisePick.com blog obviously sent shockwaves through the factories to the boardrooms of Häagen-Dazs.

And rightfully so.

Today, we received this response to Ben & Jerry’s email from an obviously shaken Häagen-Dazs:

You may have seen a recent message from Ben & Jerry’s calling out our decision to downsize our Häagen-Dazs cartons.

While the reality is that size sometimes matters, we continue to believe that quality matters more.

Our ice cream is created with only a few select, simple, all-natural ingredients.

That is why we searched six years for the perfect variety of strawberry for our Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream and why we paid four times more over the last two years for the raspberries that make it into our Häagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet.

And we wouldn’t think of soaking the raisins for our Häagen-Dazs rum raisin ice cream even a minute less than the 60,480 minutes (42 days, actually) that they currently luxuriate in their rum baths.

Why not? Because then it just wouldn’t be Häagen-Dazs. Call us obsessive. But we’re that serious about our ice cream. We hope you’ll continue to make it your ice cream.

Thank you for giving us a chance to respond.

While not trashing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream directly (that would be poor form for the refined and umlauted ice purveyor) the response definitely casts doubt as to Ben & Jerry’s commitment to quality rather than quantity.

It makes one wonder:

  • Is it better to have 14 oz. of select, simple, all-natural ingredients than 16 oz. crammed with shards of heath bar, brownies, marshmallow and peanut butter cups?
  • Do Ben & Jerry’s raisins luxuriate in rum baths for 60,480 minutes (42 days, actually)?  If not, how long DO they luxuriate?
  • How exactly are Ben & Jerry’s “fudge fish” harvested, and does Greenpeace approve?

The scoop has been thrown down once again.

Ben?  Jerry?  What do you have to say for yourselves?


Image:  Häagen-Dazs