Hide Your Beagle! Vick’s an Eagle!

Franchise Pick  readers weigh in on the Eagle’s signing convicted dog-fighter Michael Vick.

vick-fan-500.2In signing convicted dog fighter and animal abuser Michael Vick to a multimillion dollar deal, is the Philadelphia Eagles franchise showing compassion and forgiveness or immoral opportunism?  Readers responded emotionally to our post PETA, Dog Lovers Tear Into Eagles, Vick.

Bob wrote:

Vick ran a death camp for dogs for five years, and now were are supposed to cheer for him? Would the Eagles put high ranking Nazi officers who participated in the Holocost on the team if it helped make money? I think yes. Earlier this year they had to be ordered to pay thier taxes to the city that built them two stadiums because the new grass they demanded wasn’t right. Go Phillies. Go Sixers.

Amanda wrote:

I frown on the fact that ANY team would pick up this animal abuser and am glad it is not my home team. I DO NOT believe this was a good decision and hope the Eagles have a horrible season for adding such a horrible man to their team.

However, some agree with the Eagles that America is a “land of second chances.”  Ryan wrote:

You truly don’t know the backround of this. This is America. We are not in Soviet Russia. If anything, this is good and if you saw the Eagles press confereance you would have seen that Jeff Lurie, the Eagles owner said that if Michael doesn’t partisipate in off the field events like showing the cruelty of dog fighting, he will be off the team.

As a dog lover and an Eagles fan, I hated what Mike Vick did, but I will give him a chance to redeem himself and if he does, he will only help the Eagles organization and the city of Philadelphia by showing the cruelty of dog fighting.

I for one will always be an Eagles fan because I am not a frontrunner and I love my city. I will root for Michael Vick too, because I want him to redeem himself for what he did. I don’t know if you are a football fan, but if you aren’t than you have no idea on other backround stories about the Eagles. for example, the Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s sons had a drug problem. It was a big story in Philly and they got arrested for it. Because Andy knows how it feels to be in Michaels situation because of his sons, he can help him.

Also, Mike will play behind our other QB Donovan McNabb. Because McNabb is a friend of Vick, responsible, and an african-american just like him, Vick will listen to McNabb. Finally, Mike Vick’s mentor is Tony Dungy. Tony Dungy is one of the most respected people in the NFL. A couple years ago, Tony’s son commited suicide. Tony will want to protect Michael and if he says he is remorse, he is. If you think Tony Dungy is just a regular jock, you are pregedice and truly don’t know ANYTHING about football.


Pictured above:  Distraught ex-Eagles fan Catherine Bordeaux wipes away a tear while protesting the Philadelphia Eagles signing of Michael Vick, who served 18 months in federal prison on dog fighting charges, after a press conference at the team practice facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on 14 August 2009. ( Image Credit: © EPA/ZUMAPRESS.com)

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