Honor Shooting Victims By NOT Shooting

Yesterday’s post (A Meleanie Hain Memorial Shoot? Seriously?) questioning the logic of holding a shooting event to honor of a victim of gun violence drew fire from the group’s organizers and supporters.


The November 1st event, titled the “Melanie Hain Memorial Shoot” will take place at Heberling’s Gun Shop in Prompton, PA.

It will feature hot dogs, hamburgers, and lots of shooting.  It’s a fundraiser for the children of pro-gun spokesperson Meleanie Hain.  Meleanie Hain gained national prominence by openly wearing a holstered Glock pistol to her 5-year old daughter’s soccer games.  Tragically, she was shot to death last week allegedly by her husband Scott, who then took his own life.

If you disagree with me and want to attend the event, you can get the info at the PA Firearm Owners Forum.

Harry G wrote:

Since you found it so important to use my post as the lead in to your story, it might only be good reporting to come on out to our “memorial” and judge for yourself about the particpants intentions.

I thank Harry G for the invitation, and I applaud his eagerness to raise funds for orphaned Hain children, but I think I’ll pass.

I’m sure the organizers are well-intentioned, but the thought of a shooting event for shooting victims strikes me as insensitive, creepy, and, as a fundraiser, ineffective.  (No offense.  It’s just my opinion.)

Let me propose an alternative idea: A Day With No Shots Fired

I suggest they replace the shooting event with A Day With No Shots Fired (or similar theme) where all their guns are silent for a day in memory of the victims of domestic violence.

A silent, unfired gun seems to me to be a better symbol than a crowded range filled with gunfire. If there were an event, the Hain children could even attend without being traumatized. If there’s no event, the money that would be spent on gasoline driving their pickups and SUVs to Prompton could be added to the children’s fund.

An event like that would indicate that gun enthusiasts are sensitive to the role guns can play in domestic violence situations.

They don’t have to worry… acknowledging that people are being killed through the use of guns will not lead to stormtroopers collecting their guns (or maces, candlesticks and hockey skates). It might lead to people seeing pro-gun enthusiasts as willing to engage in real dialogue, rather than treating anyone who thinks there’s a problem as stupid or threatening.

Or Just Donate Directly

According to the obituary for Melanie Hain in today’s Sunday News, a memorial tribute fund for Meleanie’s children will be established at Belco Community Credit Union, 201 Good Dr., Lancaster, PA 17603.

I’ll be happy to repost the specifics (and donate) once the fund is established.


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