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The unique iPreserve franchise opportunity was “discovered” by the franchise investment, consulting and development firm Franchise Foundry.  The iPreserve franchise is a digital imaging and storage franchise that is truly unique in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with Top New Franchises, iPreserve Founder & VP of Franchise Support Matt Bills explains both the iPreserve service and the iPreserve franchise opportunity.  (Also visit:  iPreserve

Top New Franchises: How do you describe the iPreserve franchise concept?

Matt Bills

iPreserve CEO Matt Bills

Matt: iPreserve is a franchise that focuses on saving memories and simplifying life. iPreserve franchisees provide on-site conversion of physical media–photos, documents, videos, slides, film, etc. to a digital file.   iPreserve caters to both residential and business customers.  Once we have digitized the media, we can assist in recommending tools for organizing, sharing, and enjoying those memories.

Top New Franchises: Do franchisees work from home or do they operate a retail storefront?

Matt: Franchisees have the option to do either, and we help them decide based on what’s best for their local market and their personal preference.  We encourage franchise owners to keep their overhead as low as possible, so many choose to operate from home offices or other inexpensive space.  Others have locations where the marketing benefits and visibility of a storefront more than offset the costs of having a retail space.  iPreserve concept is both flexible and scalable, allowing the franchisee to choose.

Top New Franchises: When did you launch the your franchise program? How many franchises are up and running? Is the chain growing?

Matt: Yes, growing quickly. We just recently launched the franchise program and the response has been great.  We have franchise locations in Princeton, New Jersey, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah.  We’re developing company-owned locations in Salt Lake City, Provo and Southern, Utah and Arizona.

Top New Franchises: Where are you looking to expand? What types of markets and demographics work best?

Matt: We’re looking to expand in places that contain a strong suburban population.  Our largest market is residential, with businesses a close second.  Demographically, suburban households are the greatest market opportunity since they are constantly creating media and making memories, with continuously shrinking time to digitize and/or manage it all.  The nice part about iPreserve is that franchisees have the flexibility to market to both consumers as well as businesses.  With businesses, they will be doing mostly document scanning, and with consumers, they will be digitizing almost every type of media, from video to slides, negatives, photos, and film.  (Continue reading…)

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