Is McDonald’s Funding a “naked homosex-fest”?


(FranchisePick.Com) According to this report(McDonald’s profits help fund naked homosex-fest) on, the American Family Association (AFA) is “ramping up the pressure on McDonald’s for its decision to fully promote the homosexual lifestyle and condemn people who object on moral and religious grounds as haters.”

In a new alert to its millions of supporters, the AFA confirmed McDonald’s was a sponsor of the 2007 San Francisco “Gay” Pride parade with a television commercial.

“In the ad, a McDonald’s official (Darwin Choy) brags that it is ‘a company that actively demonstrates its commitment to the gay and lesbian community,’” the AFA said….The parade itself was broadcast on San Francisco Channel KORN-TV, and the AFA has posted photographs documenting the explicit nudity.

According to WND, “The issue erupted after McDonald’s paid $20,000 and installed one of its executives on the board of the National “Gay” and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.”

The AFA now is asking consumers to sign a boycott petition and contact their local restaurant managers to raise objections over the company’s activism.

Meanwhile, efforts by a local California organization to stage picketing in front of McDonald’s restaurants until their managers agree to forward the group’s concerns to the corporation headquarters are expanding.

Officials with have been staging protests in California and so far have obtained commitments from three of the five franchise owners/managers they’ve approached to forward their objections to the corporate office.

“We have gotten good responses from some other Christians about spreading the boycott-picketing of McDonald’s elsewhere,” spokesman Yuriy Popko told WND.

The AFA is seeking to force McDonald’s to stop promoting “the homosexual lifestyle” through its website The Boycott McDonald’s action alert clarifies what its actions are NOT about:

What the boycott of McDonald’s IS NOT about

  • This boycott is not about hiring homosexuals.
  • It is not about homosexuals eating at McDonald’s.
  • It is not about how homosexual employees are treated.

What the boycott of McDonald’s IS about

It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.



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