IT’S JUST LUNCH: And He’s Just Married

Franchise dating service It’s Just Lunch is getting less than stellar reviews from unhappy customers.IJLLogo1

ijltoldmehewasdivorced writes:

It’s Just Lunch (IJL) in Atlanta proposed a match for me in June 2008. The described him and told me he was divorced. He told me he was divorced, as well. Our first date was June 27, 2008. Long story short, I just obtained a copy of his divorce decree from Cobb County, GA Superior Court (issued last week, by the way!) . It shows that he was NOT divorced at all the entire time we dated. He was separated on or about January 22, 2008. Again, his first date with me — at which he and IJL represented him to me as a divorced man — was June 27, 2008. The divorce decree shows that he filed for divorce July 21, 2008, and that his divorce was final ABOUT A WEEK AGO: August 14, 2009. He told me that he had dated other women IJL set him up with before he met me, too. For more details visit .

The good thing about this whole, sordid situation is that I learned that checking the court files and background of a person you’ve met is pretty easy, fast and inexpensive. So why use IJL?


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