KFC, Oprah Free Frustration Giveaway!

I’m sure Oprah meant well by offering everybody a free KFC 2 pc Kentucky Grilled Chicken Meal.

And I’m sure KFC didn’t intend to introduce its new menu item by frustrating and infuriating thousands of consumers.  But that’s exactly what’s happened.


Yesterday, Oprah announced free chicken for everyone and directed them to the website www.UnthinkKFC.com.

The site required consumers to download a special software to print out the free coupons.

Some were able to print out coupons only to find that their local KFC refused to redeem them.  The Gothamist website made a tongue-in-beak report of a sit-in by customers and near-riot conditions at one New York KFC.

kfc_errorBut mostly, consumers were frustrated privately with an array of error messages and screens that frustrated their attempts as the time toward the midnight deadline ticked away.   Many shared their frustration on the blogsites and Twitter:

On Oprah’s website, even the Queen’s loyal subjects expressed frustration and disappointment in their 4000+ blog comments:

Is this KFC coupon a joke? I have tried many, many times to download this coupon to no avail. The website always disallows printing the coupon.  crkwilliam

tried to print coupon serval time and would not print. then when I tried again it said I printed them .I did not  mandy742

I logged on yesterday and the coupon didn’t print, I was told to try again later. I tried a few minutes ago and was told the same thing, maybe tomorrow.  ebonee25

I download the coupons printer, after all that it said I printed the limit, but I have no I repeat no coupon once so ever. As people said before me thanks for nothing.  midnight03

Hey Oprah what a deal. Went to print my coupons and they would not print. When I tried a again I was denied getting them.  tonny45

I cannot print the KFC coupon & the phones are busy at KFC. KFC should have been ready for this. I want my coupon as advertised by you. kinman

I think I agree with a former contributor–Oprah has been taken! The site is impossible to access even after loading everything…I think I’ll have a Whopper.  mccrillis

kfc_error2There were many reports of KFC locations refusing to honor the free coupons also:

got the coupons printed, but they wouldn’t honor them until after Mother’s Day even though the dates were printed clearly on the front. Had the mng. call the police.  cuttingg

tried to exchange my coupon and was told that they only give out 150 meals a day starting at 10:00 am. Jefferson and Western avenues in Los Angeles, CA. Sandra Greer-Davis  greerdavis

It is only 5/6/09 & kfc in Mississippi is refusing people. my baby skipped lunch looking forward to her grilled meal! shame on KFC. we love Oprah ms.leenew

What a wonderful idea by KFC to offer free meals. Just a shame that our local and only KFC in Galveston, TX would not honor the coupon!  ilsebee

Thanks Oprah for the wonderful gesture.However several KFC’s in Knoxville, TN will not honor the coupons stating the have reached their limit of 75 meal for the day.  revbrabson

My co-worker and I went to two KFC today in Houston, TX and they are not accepting the coupons. When ask what KFC is participating there answer was “We don’t know” This is sad!  4steff

While the fiasco with the Quiznos giveaway is par-for-the-course for the company that publicly toasts its reputation every chance it gets, it’s mindboggling that the organizations behind KFC and Oprah would steam so many customers over some grilled chicken.


Grilled Chicken deal graphic:  ursonate (CreativeCommons)  Error messages:  Coupons.Com

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