LA WEIGHT LOSS: Widespread Closures Reported Across the Nation

As we did for its predecessor Pure Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Complaints ( will try to keep LA Weight Loss customers and employees informed notifications of LA Weight Loss center closings, rumors of upcoming closings , refund and complaint information.  Like Pure Weight Loss before it, LA Weight Loss prefers to remain silent, not return calls and ignore the inquiries of those who entrusted them with their health and financial information, not to mention hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in prepayments. 

We rely almost solely on information reported in our comments by customers and employees, so please share what you know. 

Here are some important announcements and links:

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)

See the list for LA Weight Loss centers closing in NC, SC, KY, IN, GA, CA, TN, CO, ID, MT and NE.  Many of these closings are happening with little to no notice;  some continue to sell long-term, prepaid contracts a week before their unannounced closings.

Contact List of State Attorneys General

If LA Weight Loss owes you services and/or products they are not providing, you should file a complaint both with the Attorney General of your home state and with the Attorney General of PA (LAWL’s home state).  A number of states have already launched investigations in order to get consumers repaid.

Horror stories of recent closures:

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Bakersfield, CA Centers Reportedly Closing

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Evansville, IN Center Sold Memberships a Week Before Closing

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Attorney General Investigates Abrupt TN Closings

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Letter From Closed Chattanooga Center

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Lexington, KY Centers Close, Bartlett, TN Next

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Adding Insult to Injury in Columbia, TN

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Former Employee Guilty in Drug Smuggling Conspiracy



PURE WEIGHT LOSS MEMBERS: The PA Attorney General Wants YOU!




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