Make-Your-Own-Cigarette Franchise’s Rolling

rolling500If you don’t smoke, don’t start.  If you DO smoke, smoke smart.

That’s the unlikely motto of an unconventional retail chain that’s not hurting from the recession one bit.  In fact, you could say they’re on a roll.

7 Valleys Custom Blends is a pioneer in the RYO (Roll Your Own) and MYO (Make Your Own) cigarette market. By making available their Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco and the widest selection of supplies, 7 Valleys Custom Blends’ customers save half or more off the cost of pre-manufactured cigarettes while making their own cigarettes at home with fresh all natural tobacco.

Why the huge savings?  Because their 7 Valleys Custom Blends stores do not have to charge customers onerous cigarette taxes on their bulk tobacco products.

Started in 1993, and franchising since 2005 7 Valleys Custom Blends currently has 1 company 7valleyslogo140.jpgowned store and 3 franchises all located in Pennsylvania.

Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC offers individual franchises, Area Developments, and Master Franchise opportunities nationwide.

For more information, visit the 7 Valleys Custom Blends Top New Franchises listing, 7 Valleys Custom Blends blog, Custom Blends website, or contact Mark Tucci directly at 843-681-3966


Image credit:  Custom Blends

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