Mark Golob Battles Franchise Pick

[Pictured below: Pay-per-click ads on Google designed to divert readers away from Franchise Pick posts and comments regarding Butterfly Life founder Mark Golob]golobscreen7.500

It appears that Butterfly Life founder Mark Golob has launched a pay-per-click Google advertising campaign designed to divert readers before they get a chance to read my posts and the hundreds of comments by Golob’s former franchisees here on Franchise Pick.

The ads appear (as of this posting) as “Sponsored Links” on the Google search engine whenever someone searches the terms “Mark Golob” “Mark Golob Franchise Pick” or related keywords.

Some of the ads contain the name of this site (Franchise Pick) in order to, one would assume, intercept those who have heard of the discussions here on the subject of Mark Golob, his partner Tom Gergely and the nightmarish tale of the Butterfly Life franchise opportunity.

The ads are placed via Google’s AdWords program and are what’s called pay-per-click advertising.

That means whenever someone clicks on one of Mark Golob’s “sponsored links,” it costs him money.

The landing page for the pay-per-click campaign contains a hastily composed (I hope) and grammatically challenged “bio” of Mr. Golob which begins with the wonderful Freudian slip:

Mark Golob is the brainchild of numerous large scale marketing and promotional campaigns.*

Golob’s propaganda on his Adwords landing page scores big points for chutzpah, especially for the way he recasts his troubled past as a series of success stories.

But I’ll address the accuracy of his new, improved and largely mythological bio in posts to come.  In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open for the next Mark Golob initiative.  I’m sure that the pay-per-click campaign is in preparation for a new brainchild or two to come.

I guess I should be flattered that Mark will spend money to keep readers from finding our site.  I’m not, but I guess I should be.

* Note to the writer, who, I assume, is not a native English speaker:  I believe you meant that the marketing and promotional campaigns were the brainchild (brainchildren?) of Mark Golob.  That’s OK… don’t get discouraged.  English is a tough language.  It will come. :)

Learn more about the Butterfly Life franchise and Mark Golob in the franchisee interviewsUnhappy Franchisee. on


IMAGE:  Google

Post from: Franchise Pick

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