McDonald’s Beijing Olympics Commercials: Martial Arts McNuggets

(FranchisePick.Com) This over-the-top Beijing 2008 Olympics tagged McDonald’s commercial pits two Chinese children in a martial arts battle over the last remaining McNugget. (In America, there would just be a lot of hair pulling and punching in the back seat.) But the question remains: Do they really eat McDonald’s with chopsticks in China? Do they come in a plastic bag with a napkin salt, pepper and soy sauce?

Lest you think the connection between theatrical martial arts and fast food is a bit of a stretch, consider the Bruce Lee Fast Food restaurant pictured below:

According to the photographer edwick:

“Well, I found the place (Zhen Gongfu, or “Real Kung-fu”) just outside the New World Shopping Center south of Chongwen Men.

Apparently, it’s a fast food joint.

McDonald’s was right around the corner, but I gotta ask which restaurant you’d rather eat at: the one with a clown for a mascot or the one with Bruce Lee as the mascot?”

(photo by edwick; License: Creative Commons)



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