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iPreserve-store-500According to iPreserve CEO Matt Bills, the average home has something like 4500 precious but aging &  fading print photographs that could be preserved and stored.  It has miles of family movie film and videotape in a wide range of outdated analog formats.

The average office has years worth of accumulated documents, photos, videos and files that could be compactly stored and efficiently organized by converting them from mountains of paper to digital files.

So what has prevented American families and businesses from preserving their priceless documents and uncluttering their livesthrough the use of today’s digital technology?  Three things stand out:  Time.  Equipment.  And expertise.

Meeting the needs of this massive market is what the iPreserve digital imaging franchise is all about.  According

Matt Bills

Matt Bills

to CEO Matt Bills in an interview with Top New Franchises, “iPreserve is a franchise that focuses on saving memories and simplifying life. iPreserve franchisees provide on-site conversion of physical media–photos, documents, videos, slides, film, etc. to a digital file.   iPreserve caters to both residential and business customers.  Once we have digitized the media, we can assist in recommending tools for organizing, sharing, and enjoying those memories.”

While iPreserve franchise owners have the option of opening a storefront business (such as the one pictured above), the business can be home-based as much of the scanning other tasks are performed at the clients’ locations.  iPreserve franchise owners offer their customers a variety of ways they can work together depending on whether they want to tackle imaging as a one-time or an ongoing process.  Customers have the option of paying upfront or contracting on a subscription basis.

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