OUTDOOR CONNECTION FRANCHISE: Looking for a Few Good Hunters



(Franchise Pick)  Outdoor Connection is a unique niche franchise opportunity “targeting” outdoorsmen.  If you’re an avid hunter, fisherman or Alaskan hockey mom, this is a franchise worth dreaming about.  Outdoor Connection franchisees arrange hunting and fishing trips and other outdoor activities.  What a great way to write-off that new 30:06 on your taxes.

I discovered Outdoor Connection a couple of years back when researching how franchise chains were using email marketing to stay in touch with their franchisees and clients. 

I signed up for franchisor Larry Boll’s homespun opt-in email newsletter and, for some reason, never unsubscribed.  Even though I’ve never hunted (and have no desire to start), I feel like I’m hearing from an old hunting buddy whenever I get his email.  I do like to fish (to the great amusement of fish everywhere) work their magic.

These photos and this text from Larry today:

image005 (2)

Whitetail or mule deer, take your pick!

I am heading to Nebraska for a mule deer/whitetail hunt and looking for a few good hunters to come along.  This will be a 4 day muzzleloader hunt from the 17th  to the 22nd of December, 2008.  We will see many deer of both species and should see bucks in the 150-170 class (larger, with some luck).  We are driving from WI so if you live near Howards Grove or on the way let’s hook up.  We can haul your trophy deer back for you. 

Cost is $2,000 for accommodations, guide, meals and trophy care.  License is over the counter for $178.  We will be hunting both species on over 18,000 acres of private land. 

Want to bring your son/daughter; this will be perfect for that.  I am bringing mine and we will make this a learning event if they are new to the sport.  There will be lots of action which is important.  We have had a number of hunters with this outfitter and have received some great reports.

Call/email me with questions.  Larry Boll     Outdoor Connection


If you’re not a hunter or are an animal-rights activist, I’m sure you’d find the trophy photos in Larry’s hunting related emails disturbing and/or offensive*.  And if you are disturbed, I’m sure Larry and his franchisees probably couldn’t care less.

Why?  Because Outdoor Connection has a very clearly defined niche for both franchise prospects and for customers.  If you aren’t an avid outdoorsman, you’re probably not going to be interested in their franchise OR services no matter what the pitch. 

If you ARE an avid outdoorsman, you’re probably going to be interested in knowing more about what they’ve got to offer no matter what.

For those who fantasize of posing in the snow with a big ol’ ex-deer AND making money at it, the Outdoor Connection franchise is the stuff dreams are made of.

Discussion questions:

–  Why is it that people get offended by hunting related trophy photos, but no one seems to be offended by fish-related trophy photos?  Why are there no fish-outdoorconnectionlogo rights activists?  No People for the Ethical Treatment of Trout?  Or Grouper?  Who speaks for the Bluegill?

–  Other than their tendency to drink large amounts of alcohol on hunting trips, hunters seem to be very strict about gun safety.  I’m no expert, but should the hunter in the middle photograph have his rifle pointing at him?




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Photos courtesy of:  Outdoor Connection, Larry Boll

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