OXI FRESH Franchisees Happy to be Green (2)

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call-center-250According to Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®, their franchise owners use a green cleaning method that harnesses the power of oxygen to clean carpets.  OxiFresh franchise owners provide carpet cleaning that’s safe for children and pets,  leaves no sticky residue and has a drying time of only one hour.

After I interviewed Oxi Fresh CEO Jonathan Barnett, MBA, about his “green” approach to carpet cleaning. (OXI FRESH Pt. 2: The Green Franchise), I received 30+ comments from franchise owners who shared how “going green” is giving them a competitive edge.

Read some of these comments here: OXI FRESH Franchisees Happy to be Green (1)

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Robert Radican, OxiFresh of Rhode Island, says:

Last week we cleaned the rugs at a day care center. The owner was delighted with the result. She pointed out that many of the daily indoor activities involve the children being on the rug. There is a concern with the kids exposure to dust mites, germs, dirt and problem chemicals. OxiFresh Rhode Island will be looking for more customers in this industry. We have completed 5 months with our new franchise and are very happy with the business.

Della , Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchisee for Des Moines, IA, says:

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Des Moines offers its clients a “Go Green” carpet cleaning experience with a fast “one hour” dry time. Most everyone is concerned with the environment and in Des Moines, our clients choose Oxi Fresh to clean their carpets because it is a green company that is safe to use in their homes. They trust our cleaning system to get their carpets clean by using less water, less electricity, and extending the carpet life through regular maintenance cleaning, they actually save money too! Using the power of oxygen, “The Way Mother Nature Cleans” to clean carpets the Oxi Fresh way, is one way we can all make a difference and have clean carpets too!

Craig of St. Louis says:

We’ve been in business for just about a year now. We have had a fantastic response from our new customers. People Love our product for many reasons. The first is that Oxi Fresh is GREEN. In addition we use very little water. We use a couple of gallons of water on the average job. Unlike some of our competitors can use 40 gallons of water on the same size job. The customers don’t have worry about any residue that can be harmful for there kids or pets.

We had one customer that said she was able to take her dogs boots off after we cleaned her carpets. I told her I didn’t understand what she was telling me. She said she had her carpets cleaned on a regular basis. With the other cleaning companies she had used before. Her dog would lick it’s paws so much they would start to bleed. Then when the dog walked around it would get it all over the carpet. The only thing she could figure was the Green Oxi Fresh method didn’t leave any kind of residue afterwards. So then the dog didn’t lick it paws any longer. So she was able to take it’s little boots off.

So to sum it it up. We are Green, our process is Dry in an hour or less. And Oxi Fresh cleans better than other companies as well. How can you go wrong?

Doug of MetroEast Illinois says:

I’ve been in the business offering Oxi Fresh Carpet cleaning services in the St. Louis Metro East Illinois area for only 7 months now and continue to get a kick out of the responses I get from my customers once I finish cleaning their carpets. If I only had a dollar for every time I heard the word “WOW!” I’d be starting another franchise by now. Everyone is impressed with the results and genuinely respects the fact our company is truly “green” by conserving water, not putting toxic agents back into the Earth, and recycling our used supply materials. Many customers have told me they selected my service because of this and then are astounded at the results. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The Oxi Fresh franchisee of Northwest Arkansas, Bill says:

Oxi Fresh of Northwest Arkansas is in a group of very “green” friendly communities that really appreciate our entire process. From the minute we pull up to the front door of a home in our fuel-efficient vehicles our customers recognize how different we are. When they see we only use a fraction of the water the traditional carpet cleaners do they’re even more intrigued. When I tell them their pets and children are fine being in the home as we’re cleaning because we don’t use any harsh chemicals they need to be afraid of, they often get a “where have you been all my life” type of look when they think about the nasty chemical smells and gallons upon gallons of water other carpet cleaners leave behind. Finally, when they see the results and how well this process cleans (many times getting out stains the other companies couldn’t) I know I’ve gained a loyal customer and can expect a call in 6-12 months to come back out and clean their carpet again.

Bryan Bailey of SW Michigan says:

Since the green revolution is still in its infancy in many parts of the country, some people may be hesitant to try a green process for fear it will not work as well as the traditional chemical methods. I want to share an experience that shows how well our green process works. I’ve only been in business for less than a year, so I still work a full time job as my business gets established. I work for a Fortune 500 company (in the top 150). The janitorial company handles the carpet cleaning. Since people in the company know that I am also an Oxi franchisee, I received a call on a Thursday afternoon asking if there was a way for me to take a look at the CEO’s waiting room. The janitorial company had done a terrible job (many stains remained) and there was a large meeting taking place the following Monday. I came out that evening and within an hour had taken care of the issue. The next morning, the CEO’s receptionist called and was absolutely blown away with the results. Even though the carpet cleaning is under contract with a VERY large national janitorial company, I was able to prove that our process provides superior results AND is environmentally friendly to boot. I’m sure we’ll get more calls in the future to handle the highly visible areas of the company. Good enough for a Fortune 500 CEO, good enough for most!!

Florida Oxi Fresh franchisee David Englund says:

Green is the only way to go in Florida. Customers in Florida are very aware of the fact that we have high humidity and very warm temperatures most of the year. OXI Fresh’s low water usage helps prevent the development and growth of mold and mildew associated with excess water on the carpets. They also appreciate the fact that the windows do not have to be open due to the smell of harsh chemicals. In Florida we prefer to keep our windows closed to allow the AC to cool our homes. OXI Fresh’s green products allow our customers to have cleaner carpets without the risk of mold and mildew or the unwelcomed side effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. The feedback we get from customers once they have experience OXI FRESH has been nothing short of wonderful.

Oxi Fresh franchisee Frank Souk says:

The green aspect of carpet cleaning is why I purchased my Oxi Fresh franchise. The trend in the country has been looking at more ways to go green, finding a better way to do things. My research lead me to this outfit. I thought I was taking a chance at only being the 10th franchise in this new company. The low moisture without the harsh chemicals is why I have high repeat and referral numbers. Happy customers overall and even better a happy wife.

The Oxi Fresh franchisee in Charlotte, NC, Chris Souk says:

I have been operating my Oxi Fresh franchise in Charlotte, NC for a little over a month. I am amazed at the main reason customers are calling to set up appointments. They view our process as being enviromentally friendly and safe for their family and pets. This is what has compelled a majority of my customers to do business with Oxi Fresh. This company is positioned as the leader in “green” carpet cleaning.

Oxi Fresh franchise owners Randy & Amy Butler say:

We are the only green carpet cleaning company in our area and we found out real quick that consumers have been wanting this for some time now. In this day and age, with so many other “issues” to contend with, it is important that people can at least feel safe when it comes to their homes being cleaned with non-toxic solutions. The comfort of knowing you are not harming your children or pets is irreplaceable!

We have a 6 year old son who has allergies and asthma and every time we had a carpet cleaning company come in to our home in the past, he would have an asthma attack and have to be put on his neubulizer for days. Once we found Oxi Fresh and saw with our own eyes the transformation it had on our son, we knew this is what we needed and that others like us, would need it too. We not only clean our own carpets on a regular 3 month schedule, we also clean their mattresses, which has helped tremendously with dust mites and cleared our indoor air.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results from Oxi Fresh and most of all, our son’s health has improved.

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