PETLAND: Drowned Rabbits Sink Franchise

A Petland employee not only allegedly drowned two injured rabbits, she sunk her employer’s Petland franchise… for good.petland

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Petland Chain Sued by Unhappy Franchisees

Petland has terminated the franchise agreement of the Akron Petland store after store employee Liz Carlisle allegedly posted a photograph on FaceBook that showed herself grinning and proudly holding up two drowned rabbit carcasses.

According to North Country Gazette:

Liz Carlisle, 20, of Ravenna, posted her photo with the dead rabbits on July 28 and bragged to her friends that she had drowned the rabbits because they injured each other while they were fighting. She claimed that the manager of the store had taken the photograph.

Carlisle is facing two counts of animal cruelty and is scheduled to appear in Akron Municipal Court on Aug. 17.

Petland issued a statement Wednesday announcing that the store’s closing, saying that it would not be reopened. “The animals will be immediately removed from the store located in the Chapel Hill Mall which was individually owned and operated by a local franchisee”, the statement said.

The animals in the store have been moved to another Petland store.

“Petland will in no way, shape or form tolerate any abuse of animals in its care. We are outraged of this gross violation of Petland’s animal care standards. Petland policy demands that medical treatment and protocol is to be provided and determined by the store’s consulting veterinarian and not be undertaken by an employee. Petland policy also dictates that no animal be euthanized in ANY manner by any staff member”, the company said.

“Petland will take any and all action necessary as this does not, in any way, represent the culture and dedication to animals of the thousands of professional Petland employees who provide extraordinary care every day across the country”, the statement concluded.

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