PIGMENTGATE: Does Sarah Palin Hate Tanning Salons & Small Business Owners?

Did Sarah Palin buy her own tanning bed just to avoid supporting local tanning salons?

Does the Alaskacentric Vice Presidential Tan-didate harbor resentments because the industry names its chains LA Sunset Tan, Hollywood Tans, and South Beach Tanning, but never Juneau Tans or Wasilla Beach Tanning?

These are a few of the questions that have kept the powerful UV light of media scrutiny on The Pale One this week.

Others include:

Did she pressure State Police officials to demote or dismiss troopers she thought were “pale,”  “wan” or “pasty-looking?”

Does Sarah Palin know how many tanning beds she owns?

As the frenzy continues in the PigmentGate scandal, one thing is certain:  The Palin-McCain campaign is burning the midnight sun trying to save the all-important “bronze” vote that played a key role in the last two vice presidential elections.

In this video from FOXNews, it’s evident that the Palin-McCain spin machine is trying to dismiss this PR crisis an “no big deal.”  However… it’s not working.  The tanning franchise voters are a powerful political force not to be trifled with.




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