PIZZA HUT: Viral Video Appeals to Racist Moron Demographic

(Franchise Pick)  In order to increase share of mind (an oxymoron?) from the fickle but vast demographic of male morons* age 15 – 28, Pizza Hut engaged the services of the aptly named Mediocre Films to create a viral YouTube video.  The video, creatively named and exclamated Kicked Out of Pizza Place! is a huge hit on YouTube, having been viewed by 300,000+ morons (Watch below to make it 300,001+) and being awarded a prestigious 4.5 out of 5 moronic stars from the 4000 who could figure out how to vote.

Call me a purist, but I prefer my obnoxious, juvenile behavior delivered by obnoxious juveniles, not multinational corporations.

The premise is simple:  An aging Van Wilder imitator sits down in empty independent pizza places and orders a Pizza Hut pizza to be delivered to him at his table.  Hilarity ensues as the offended pizza shop owners – all of whom are of middle eastern descent – endure Van’s obnoxiousness and insults while escorting him out the door.  George Costanza’s retarded older brother Joey films it all on a flip camera, laughs moronically, and delivers such lines as “Yeah, ha-ha… he was about to get angry!”

The premise is amusing, but when framed in the context of a giant corporation sending 30-something pranksters to disrupt independent businesses and demean independent pizza operators, it seems meanspirited and lame.  Like a Dad hurling racial epithets to impress his son’s teenage friends.

Call me a purist, but I prefer my obnoxious, juvenile behavior delivered by obnoxious juveniles, not multinational corporations.  Then again, I’m not the target demographic.



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* No morons were harmed in the creation of this post

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