PIZZA TIME: Interview Chatter Weighs In

Darlene McDaniels, the Bizzia Human Resource go-to gal* and blogger at Interview Chatter, has weighed in** on the Pizza Time controversy, sparked by the franchise owners’ innovative use of hypothermia as a management technique.  Luke “The Iceman” Benjamin and his wife Gretchen (aka Mrs. Freeze) allegedly shut off the heat in their pizza shop and told employees  If you don’t want to work here quit, otherwise shut up…

In her post For Managers Only: Pizza Time Out, Darlene states:

These are harsh words that will only ensure that Luke Benjamin will not attract quality employees to Pizza Time…

We are living in a day when it is an employers market. Employers no longer have to settle for employees who don’t want to work. Employers don’t have to settle for employees who are disrespectful, insubordinate or unqualified. However organizations or franchises like Pizza Time who rely on people to help keep their business operational need to remember that without people, employees, good or bad they will not be in business very long.

Darlene makes an excellent point about it being an “employer’s market.”  Even if business owners find it easier to recruit employees, they are still in competition for the best possible employees in their market.  The pizza industry is fiercely competitive, and the best employees, properly trained, supervised and motivated, can be the difference between success and failure.

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Is “gal” an improper or sexist term?  Will I now get written up by the Bizzia HR department?  Darlene?  ** by weighed in I mean “provided input” and in no way was referring to weight or other physical attributes.



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