For New & Emerging Franchisors

Have you got a great franchise story that’s yet to be told?

Tell the word about your brand and your franchise by publishing a continuous stream of news, announcements, updates, and featured stories delivered in real time to a dedicated franchise-interested audience.

Top New Franchises – Basic Listing
Your basic franchise listing will be linked from the top page, and will  include your logo, investment level, areas of expansion, a short summary of your franchise opportunity, contact information and a link to your website.  Your associates, franchisees, employees and customers will be invited to leave positive comments and testimonials in the moderated “comments” section.

Founder/CEO Interview
We’ll conduct, format and publish an introductory interview includes concept overview, history, philosophy, advantages, franchisee qualifications, and next steps. Investment profile, graphics, photographs call to action and a direct link to your webpage. Distribution: top-page placement on for 1 year, priority promotion throughout the FranBest network.

Monthly Updates & Press Release Publication

You’ll be invited to contribute your company news, announcements and events on our monthly Top New Franchise News post.  Additionally, your news items and press releases will be given priority consideration for publication as stand-alone posts.

Featured Franchise Stories
We’ll write feature posts about the most compelling aspects of your company and your franchise, and publish them with your accompanying graphics and photographs.   Spread the word daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Custom Franchise FanWall
Transform your loyal customers, employees, vendors, advisors and associates into brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketers. A Top New Franchises Fan Wall is a place where your brand supporters can post positive comments, recommendations, testimonials and well-wishes by answering the question: Why is your franchise a Top New Franchise?

Top New Franchises Promotional Graphics

Promote your participation in our program by posting Top New Franchise graphics linked to your press on the TNF website.  Additionally, you’ll have permission to use Top New Franchise copy and articles (such as Why New Franchises Are Worth A Look) while you’re a member.

Franchise brand & marketing consulting
Marketing program review & assessments
Marketing Materials review & critique
Franchise marketing copywriting services

For pricing and more information, contact Sean Kelly at info[at]topnewfranchises[dot]com

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