QUIZNOS Gives Away 1 Million Free Snubs


Quiznos continues to enrage customers, potential customers and franchise owners through its incomprehensible strategy of giving out a million free sub coupons that many of its franchisees refuse to honor.

(Read about the reasons for the Quiznos franchisees well-founded objections, and how they’ve been forced into “snubbing” an alienating customers,  at  Why Your Quiznos Won’t Give You a Free Sub).

FranchisePick.com reader Carol shares the fiery message she fired off to the Quiznos corporate office:

My husband and I took our little boy in to redeem our Free Sub from the
coupon issued to me in your Million Sub promo. The man at the register
said it had “already been used”, which is 100% false. They would not
accept the coupon, and they kept the coupon since I refused to pay for
what was supposed to be a free sub. He also said that they had many
customers with the same problem who were very angry.

This promotion of yours is a DISASTER. One million outraged and
disgruntled customers will tell another million people about what a
scam you people at Quiznos pulled. If restitution is not made to our
family, I can promise you that no one in our immediate and extended
family will EVER set foot in another Quiznos as long as we live (or as
long as there is a Quiznos, which, at this point, looks doubtful). I
also will be visiting a great number of the consumer complaint websites
such as http://www.gripenet.com and http://www.complaints.com, as well as registering
a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and our NJ Office of
Consumer Affairs…

This entire experience was horrible. People in Quiznos were hearing
everything I had to say about never ever returning to Quiznos, and
frankly, the sandwich didn’t even look that appealing. The franchise
in Wayne Hills Mall is not very welcoming anyway.

The way this Million Sub giveaway was handled is an bright shining
example of how NOT to run a promotion. If it was meant to foster good
will with your customers, you have failed miserably. Right now,
Quiznos is Public Enemy Number 1.

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