Rawman Walking

Rawman Walking aka “Bobby” describes himself as “a 4 year Cancer Survivor, a Raw Vegan Athlete, A Holistic Health Counselor, Raw Foods Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist and Mentor at The Sanctuary, a raw food retreat.” rawman-walking

Bobby the Rawman Walking is offering a women-only diet and lifestyle counseling for fees ranging from $1500 – $14,000 and claims he can cure Type 2 Diabetes in only 28 days.

Who is this new age guru and celibate raw food messiah?  And who is his trusty vegan superhero sidekick Rawman Living?

UnhappyFranchisee.com has discovered that the supervegan duo of Rawman Walking and Rawman Living is none other than the infamous duo of Java Jo’z & Cuppy’s Coffee fame:  Robert “Morg” Morgan and Ben Doyle.

Be sure to read the amazing story of rebirth, personal rebranding and, perhaps, effective snake oil retailing here:

CUPPY’S: Robert Morgan is Now “Bobby The Rawman Walking”

Beware of Rawman Walking aka Morg Morgan

Outraged franchisees and investors have started a Beware of Rawman twitter profile and a Beware of Rawman Facebook group.


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