Should Blagojevich Buy a Franchise? Which One?

America’s least desirable politician may now be America’s MOST eligible prospective franchisee.

Now that impeached IL Governor Rod Blagojevich has been downsized by the senate, he finds himself in a unique situation.  He is suddenly unemployed, and, having been fired for cause, probably not eligible for Unemployment Compensation.  Though he is a lawyer, reputable laws firms won’t touch him because he’s a crook.  Disreputable law firms won’t touch him because he wasn’t good at being a crook.  So, at least for a while, he’s untouchable as an employment candidate.

Franchising is Rod Blagojevich’s best option.  Think about it:  It’ll give him a chance to leverage some company’s (any company’s) reputation and hide his own.  It will give him clear guidelines to follow & a team of people to make sure he follows it.  And it will give him a chance to put his hard-coerced cash into play and out of the paper bags in his basement before those busybodies start sniffing around.

But which franchise will best optimize Blagojevich’s unique skill set and personal assets?  Here are a few ideas – add your own below.


Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers?

The Hair Club for Men?

FastBucks PayDay Loans?

Goin Postal Shipping?

iStole It Home Invasion?

Richard Quick’s GRATE FUN! Adventure Park?

Coast To Coast Bail Bonds?



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Photo Credit:  robertodevido  License:  Creative Commons

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