Spurned Cops Bust Grab-N-Go Bikini Baristas


The owner of the Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut chain of drive-thru coffee kiosks is allegedly alleging that recent prostitution charges against his beautiful baristas are nothing more than a vendetta waged by the lovelorn police officers of Everett, Washington.

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Sexpresso Prostitution at Grab-N-Go!

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SEXPRESSO: Are Nude Baristas Adult Entertainers?

Local media reports that Bill Wheeler, who owns at least four bikini espresso stands in Snohomish County, said Everett police are specifically targeting Grab-n-Go Espresso in part because the scantily clad baristas spurned advances from police officers.  According to HeraldNet:

Five baristas at Grab-n-Go were charged Wednesday with multiple counts of prostitution and violating the city’s adult entertainment ordinance after a two-month undercover police investigation.

Investigators said they saw the women exposing themselves, performing lewd acts with whipped cream and posing naked for pictures in the Grab-n-Go at 8015 Broadway. …

Wheeler also told KING-5 news that police “trumped up these charges” after officers had romantically pursued the baristas and been rebuffed.

Sexpresso Scandal goes Viral

The news that the baristas were being charged with peddling the grabbing along with the Espresso at Grab-N-Go put the little Espresso chain into the national spotlight last Thursday.  By noon, “Grab-n-Go Espresso” was No. 5 on Google’s list top search phrases in the U.S.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton gave it a mention on his Web site, adding, “You won’t see that at your local Starbucks.”

Jay Leno later included references to the coffee busts in his monologue.

The Sexpresso scandal at Grab-N-Go has sent shockwaves through both franchised and independent segments of the Drive-thru community.  Drive-thru leaders are taking heed of the concerns that this scandalous behavior is not allowed to defile other areas of the family-oriented drive-thru industry.

Everett, WA City Councilman Arlan Hatloe said:  “This ordinance isn’t directed toward baristas,” he said. “That’s the hotspot right now, but some of these other activities we’ve heard about would be illegal at a drive-up hamburger stand or a bank.”

Concerned Citizens of Everett Are Taking Action;  Meeting Scheduled

An emergency meeting about bikini barista stands has been sceduled.  A group of people who live around the Silver Lake area plans to hold a town hall meeting to address bikini barista stands at 7 p.m. Oct. 6 at Clearview Foursquare Church, 17210 Highway 9 SE, Snohomish.



PICTURED:  a barista serves another happy customer at Cowgirls espresso bar in Tukwilla, WA.  Most of the baristas say they are paid around minimum wage, but they can add as much as $200 in tips during a seven-hour shift.  Note:  Neither this barista nor Cowgirls Espresso were implicated in the Grab-N-Go Sexpresso scandal in Everett.  Photo credit Newscom.com

Hooters Plus Starbucks Equals The Next Big Franchise

SexPresso Coffee Marketing Steams Clothed Competitors

SEXPRESSO: Are Nude Baristas Adult Entertainers?

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Sexpresso Prostitution at Grab-N-Go!

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