Strip Club Owner Cousin Vinny Must Pay Subway

(FranchisePick.Com)  Remember “Cousin Vinny” Agnello: Subway Franchisee From Hell?

Cousin Vinny’s the notorious strip club owner, convicted pimp and Bronx franchisee of Subway who got kicked out of the system for promoting X-rated products and services in his franchise location.  He retaliated by opening a strip club/sub shop using the same phone number as his former franchise, and making sure he used the Subway name anyway he could.

(Read the story of Subway franchise owner Cousin Vinny at Franchise dispute site

Once again, the NY legal system wasn’t amused by Uncle Vinny’s antics.  According to Gothamist,

…when the local community board, police and Subway came down on Agnello (who has run a notorious stripper agency for years), he quickly backpedaled and apologized, claiming it was all just a publicity stunt. The judge didn’t buy it, and, according to the Post, Agnello now has to pay Subway’s legal fees and stop using their trademarked goods, which he took with him after being evicted from the old Subway shop he subleased.

I guess Cousin Vinny shoulda kept his little secret under wraps… just not Subway’s.




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