SUBWAY: Send Jared to Gitmo!

Leave a comment below if you think we should send SUBWAY spokesperson Jared Fogle to Gitmo!  And don’t forget to Tweet —>

handsA commenter on a post at (SUBWAY Seizes, Resells Deployed GI’s Franchises) offered this modest proposal:  The U.S. Armed forces should seize SUBWAY sandwich spokesperson Jared Fogle and detain him at Guantanamo Bay until certain demands are met.

The demands?  Justice for Subway franchisee Leon Batie Jr.

Leon Batie Jr. is a former multi-unit Subway franchisee and a U.S. Army Reservist deployed to Afghanistan.  While risking his life in defense of his country, his two Subway franchises fell behind on the rent (by $13,500, claims Subway;  less according to Batie & his attorney).  While he was dodging roadside bombs in Afghanistan, Subway seized ownership of the 2 businesses he had poured his savings and dreams into.  The Subway area developer (OPM Ventures LP) allegedly turned around and resold Batie’s franchise locations for a profit.  The Subway Area Developer allegedly pocketed $100,000 profit off one of Batie’s units, which they bought for $35,000 and resold for $135,000.

Batie, who has re-signed with the U.S. Army full-time, not only lost his stores, but is saddled with a six-figure debt load.  Batie is suing for $6M under the Servicemembers Act, a law that bars anyone from terminating an active-duty service member’s installment contract, including leases, without a court order.

“I’m a SUBWAY Spokesperson – Get me out of here!”

But I like the Unhappy Franchisee commenter’s idea.  We’ve all made a significant investment in the war effort and facilities like Gitmo.  Why shouldn’t we use these resources to defend our armed forces’ members at home, as well as overseas… especially if we can have some fun in the process?

Isn’t active serviceman Leon Batie Jr. under attack?

Shouldn’t he be able to radio for air support?  Shouldn’t Blackhawk helicopters descend on Jared’s upscale neighborhood just before dawn and wisk him and his giant former pants off to an undisclosed location?

It will be a win-win situation for all involved.  SUBWAY can pay Batie $6M out of its Ad Fund for sponsorship of the resulting reality show “I’m a SUBWAY Spokesperson – Get me out of here!”  Batie will have $6M to invest in a more vet-friendly franchise, like Wiznos Sub.  And Jared will have attoned for his crimes against humanity (such as speaking in monotone, waving those fat pants, and being filthy, stinking rich).

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