The Fast Food Sex Fest Continues

Hardee’s continues the fast food advertising SexFest with it’s Hardee’s Sexy French Maid video on YouTube.

The fast food feeders seem intent on seeing who can create the most controversy and offend the most sensibilities.

Is negative buzz better than no buzz at all?

Other entrants include:

Quiznos Sex Video Quiznos and Playboy teamed up to create an online video featuring Kari Nautique, Playboy Playmate Hiromi Oshima and the Quiznos Torpedo Sub to, supposedly, “show you what a HOT sandwich tastes like.”

HARDEE’S: A-Holes vs B-Holes Commercial Part of  the anal-themed Hardee’s promotional launch of their biscuit holes product.  This is one advertising concept pitch meeting I’d have liked to witness.  On second thought…

CARL’S JR.: Hot Chicks Eating Burgers Promo (Video) CARL’S JR., which has the same parent corporation (CKE Restaurants) as Hardee’s, continues the trend to use soft-core porn and controversy to sell fast food with their Hot Chicks Eating Burgers Promo.

BURGER KING Pulls A Boner With Ad Burger King  recently released an extremely controversial fellatio-themed advertisement for their newest sandwich, “The Super Seven Incher.”

CAN FAKE BOOBS SELL REAL FRIES? New York Fries ran the “Real Fries in a Fake World” ads throughout Canada featuring a super-buxom model with cosmetic enhancements.

SEXPRESSO:  Let’s not forget the quickservice coffee concept that believed in the selling power of sex so much that it based it’s business on it.  Check out Hooters Plus Starbucks Equals The Next Big Franchise.,

SexPresso Coffee Marketing Steams Clothed Competitors

SEXPRESSO: Are Nude Baristas Adult Entertainers?


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