THE UPS STORE Franchise: Recent Comments

Are you considering investing in a The UPS Store franchise?

windowslivewritertheupsstoreplustheebaydropoffstoreequal-c6e5ups1503.jpgYou can gain a world of insight into franchise ownership from the thousands of comments left by current and past The UPS Store franchise owners on and the Unhappy Franchisee websites.  Here are come recent comments.

From the post THE UPS STORE Franchisees: Drop-Offs Can Drop Dead

Critics of The UPS Store franchise claim that UPS has turned franchise owners’ locations into glorified “drop boxes” and unfairly compete with them directly.  Many feel that UPS intentionally undercuts franchisees’ business by offering customers the option of printing their own labels, then dropping their packages off at The UPS Store locations.  The franchisees do not get a cut of the shipping revenue, provide tape and supplies at their cost, and only get a nominal amount for the drop-off packages.

August 10, 2009 at 7:28 am David says:

“Hello I own a UPS store and these “drop-offs” have greatly diminished my business so much that I will probably sell it within 1-2 years.

My new tactic will be to go after drop off customers by telling them that I can ship the same box at lower rates than UPS corporate. This may work but will be less than 5 percent of drop off customers may switch. Would be very hard to do this I know.

“My other new policy sure too ANGER MANY PEOPLE will be to charge $2.00 fees for all untapped dropped off packages. Since it takes time and material why not do this. I encourage all UPS store owners to do this ..

“UPS like most big business is extremely crooked and deviant business.”

August 10, 2009 at 2:27 pm Ian says:

“I find it amusing that UPS is always delighted to inform store owners of new agreements with companies for their customers to drop-off their returns at UPS stores. Wow, thanks, looks like I’m gonna be earning an extra $5 a day (if that much).

“Charging fees for drop-offs is probably not the way to go. I only work at our UPS store, but I realize that customer relations is big. Most of the time, drop-offs won’t pay for any other services, but in case they do (and whether they do is completely dependent on your ability), you don’t want to drive them away for the sake of $2.”

August 10, 2009 at 2:10 pm ritajwilson says:

“I am sorry, but I own 5 businesses and 3 of the 5 businesses have UPS stores within a block of them. We do TONS of mail orders to clients and do you know that I have never been visited once by an Owner or a Manager of a UPS store inviting me in to do business with them. How can a concept succeed without sales calls? These UPS stores have tons of opportunity all around them, and they are so busy blogging and complaining instead of going out and working for new accounts to fund their P and Ls. It really is pathetic. Who says anyone should sit in their store all day and wait for customers to come to them? Get out with flyers, do some direct mail, go call on accounts. WORK!”

Franchise Owners Say Opening a UPS Store Franchise is a “Bad Financial Decision”

Critics of The UPS Store franchise claim that the business model is severely flawed, and few stores will ever turn a profit.

August 10, 2009 at 2:30 pm Denis says:

“I live in BC Canada and was looking into buying a UPS store. i notice at least 4 other UPS stores for sale and started to do some internet research. That is how I ended up here. After reading this post , it is quite obvious to me that UPS does not look after its people. I am not going to buy the UPS store. Thank you all for your input. You have likely saved me from a big mistake. Sorry about your losses and I wish you all the luck in the future.”

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